Next generation Windows on October upcoming OS

Next generation Windows: Microsoft is hosting an event on October 24 in which the corporation will display”what is next for Windows.” The new development comes less than a week after the software giant teased the”next generation” of Windows that’s slated to roll with all the”Sun Valley” upgrade later this season. The newest Windows version, rumored to be known as Windows 11, is thought to bring a brand new user interface using refreshed icons — a few of which are not updated for ages.

Windows 10 has existed for almost six decades, and lots of fans think that the business hasn’t introduced significant changes compared to rival platforms such as Apple’s macOS. However, besides a visual overhaul, the software giant is also working on a brand new Windows App Store, which isn’t just designed to enhance the user experience and help programmers.

The Next generation Windows on June 24 upcoming OS

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The New generation Windows on October 24 upcoming OS

In the Microsoft Build 2021 seminar a week, firm CEO Satya Nadella said the new program shop would unlock a much better market for developers and founders inside Windows. This includes some substantial adjustments to the Windows Store and will permit users to submit any Windows program — such as browsers such as Chrome or even Firefox.

In addition, rumors have suggested that Microsoft may also enable third-party payments programs inside programs to permit developers to prevent Microsoft’s 15% cut apps and 12 percentage commission on matches. What is Google Question Hub? How to use it and what are the benefits

As previously mentioned, the forthcoming Windows variant to roll out using all these Valley upgrades in October this year will deliver new system icons like File Explorer, Recycle Bin — indicating the conclusion of Windows 95-era icons. In addition, Microsoft recently declared plans to send a fresh version of Windows called Windows 10X constructed on a contemporary interpretation of the OS called Windows Core OS.

Accordingly, in the coming, Microsoft can also cover the future of Windows OS to get dual-screen PCs such as the Surface Oven, which could compete against Chromebooks from the low-end sector.


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