Next generation Windows on October upcoming OS

Microsoft to Demonstrate “What’s Next for Windows” on October 24 at an event hosted by the software giant. Less than a week prior, they teased the “next generation” of Windows that will launch with all-new “Sun Valley” upgrade later this season. Rumored to be known as Windows 11, this newest version is said to bring a brand-new user interface with refreshed icons – some which Have not been updated in years.

Windows 10 has been around for nearly half a century, and many feel the company hasn’t made significant advancements compared to rival platforms such as Apples macOS. But Microsoft is working on more than just visual improvements – they also plan to launch an all new Windows App Store which not only promises an improved user experience but also aid programmer in their work.

The Next generation Windows on June 24 upcoming OS

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The New generation Windows on October 24 upcoming OS

At Microsoft Build 2021 seminar last week company CEO Satya Nadella declared that the new program shop would open up an expansive market for developers and founders within Windows. This includes significant changes to the Windows Store which will enable users to submit any Windows program – such as browsers like Chrome or Firefox – without fear of rejection.

Rumors have also indicated that Microsoft may enable third-party payments inside programs, preventing developers from taking advantage of Microsoft’s 15% cut on apps and 12 percentage commission on matches. So what exactly is Google Question Hub, how to use it, and what are its advantages?

As previously noted the Windows variant to be released with these Valley upgrades in October this year will feature new system icons like File Explorer and Recycle Bin, signalling the end of Windows 95-era icons. Further more Microsoft recently declared plans to send a brand-new version of Windows called 10X, built upon an updated interpretation of Core OS from within Microsoft itself.

Microsoft may soon offer dual-screen PCs such as the Surface Oven to compete against Chromebooks from the low end market.


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