How to Extract Any Nokia nb0 File Using Free Tool


How to Extract Any Nokia nb0 File With Free Tool. Nokia phones’ factory photos are stored in an nb0 file format, which FIH Mobile uses for their special packages of compression. As such, Sharp, Infocus, Critical and other phones created by them must also follow suit. Unfortunately, using 7zip or other zip programs won’t extract this nb0 file correctly; therefore you must use another method.

Developers (primarily heineken78) at XDA developers created the nb0 tools software. This can read and unpack nb0 files, providing individual data such as device details, boot information, modem information etc. Here’s how to utilize this tool to extract Nokia firmware files.

How to Extract Any Nokia nb0 File Using Free Tool

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Nokia Extract Flashing File Extract Tool Free Download

Name: Nokia Extract
Size: 37KB
Password: officialroms
Link: MediaFire

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How to Extract Nokia .nbo File (Full Process)

  • Download the XDA Developers nb0 unpacker tool. There is no installation needed for the tool.
  • Connect Download
  • To locate the Nokia firmware file (nb0), run the tool and press Select nb0 File.
How to Extract Any Nokia nb0 File Using Free Tool 1
  • The programmer reads the file and shows you a list of all the files it unpacks.
How to Extract Any Nokia nb0 File Using Free Tool 2

Click the unpack button and, after unpacking the firmware, navigate to a folder where you wish to save its files.
Nb0 tools will create a new folder within that selected directory (e.g., NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02_nokia3 unpacked) and store all items inside it.


Now you have all of your files unpacked and ready for use. To make them compatible with OST 6.2.8, simply patch the boot image or modify the firmware accordingly.

Notice: Unpacking is a method that is labor-intensive. Do not do it on an underpowered Computer, as due to high CPU, memory, and disc consumption, the PC is very likely to stop reacting.

Important Note:

Below you can download the Nokia OST device app and its patch/code. Although the main online update tools linked below are official, individual developers have created patch files so the app won’t require users to enter a username or password when using it.


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