Overwatch 2 Ultimate Valentine Event Schedule (April 2024)

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Valentine Event Schedule: Overwatch 2’s Season 3 teaser just debuted. The teaser for Season 3 showcased a number of promising new additions. One of these is the “Ultimate Valentine event,” which will be released early in the season.

The promotion, whose name suggests a Valentine’s Day theme, will kick off the moment Season 3 is made available to the public.

Since its first release, Overwatch 2 has been at the center of several noteworthy occurrences. Events like Halloween and the Battle for Olympus are one-time additions that give the game its own personality. The rewards range from in-game cosmetics to access to whole new game types. The Overwatch 2 Ultimate Valentine Event is described in full below.

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Valentine Event Schedule

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Valentine Event Schedule

Overwatch 2’s Ultimate Valentine event will begin a week after Season 3 starts. This event is scheduled for the dates of May 14th–28th, 2023. Two weeks will be dedicated to this special event.

Players of Overwatch 2 will have a new limited-time option at their disposal this Valentine’s Day called Ultimate Valentine. Things have changed drastically this time around. In the past, gamers could choose between relying on the power of Greek gods or dodging waves of zombies. The game will deviate drastically from the frenetic Valentine’s Day limited-time modes.

Game mode in Overwatch 2 based on a love of geometry

Even though its name, “Love of Geometry,” suggests otherwise, there is currently no information at all about this mode of play. This mode will have a Hanzo aesthetic and a 4v4 match structure.

This special event mode will have challenges that can only be done for a limited time. Like other events, these challenges will give players experience or cosmetic items. More specifically than the more direct responsibilities, these difficulties appear to be aimed at the support positions.

As of this writing, two epic skins are available for players to obtain through this event. Even though we don’t know what you have to do to get these cosmetics, players who log in during Ultimate Valentine will get the Cupid Hanzo player insignia.

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