Marvel Snap Couples Bundles

Marvel Snap Couples Bundles: For Valentine’s Day, new Marvel Snap couples packages are available in the store, including some of the most famous love stories in comic book history.
There are new Marvel Snap couples packs for Second Dinner’s superhero card game, which is romantic for the occasion. Vision & Scarlet Witch & Daredevil & Elektra, two well-known couples, are among the collection’s classic pairings. All four cards in the set also include brand-new variations.

A different artgem is given to Wanda

Marvel Snap Couples Bundles: Wanda receives an artgem variation in the Vision & Scarlet Witch set, dubbed Westview Story, while her boyfriend receives a unique design for the Vision returns that makes the most of the vintage green & yellow attire. For 2,000 gold, you can buy an image for each style.

Marvel Snap Couples Bundles

Marvel Snap Couples Bundles: The second version, Steamy Hell’s Kitchen, has an Elektra variant by R1c0, another of Marvel Snap’s featured artists, & a watercolour Daredevil variant that depicts the crime-fighter in a stunning deep crimson. This package has several amazing avatars & costs the same as the Vision & Scarlet Witch combination.

Mr. Negative Collection

Marvel Snap Couples Bundles: The only other available choice is a Mr. Negative collection, which costs 8,000 gems, or a little more than $100, so it’s wonderful to have a cheap bundle option in the store. After the success of January’s low-cost Jubilee New Year’s bundle, many people are expecting that additional inexpensive alternatives would be added to the Marvel Snap shop.

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