How to get jotunn Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

how to get jotun destiny 2 :With so many Fusion Rifles at your disposal, Destiny 2 has plenty of ways to defeat even the most fierce of foes. One of the most sought-after exotic fusion weapons in Destiny is the jotunn, and today we’ll teach you how to get one.

The Jotunn exotic fusion weapon is a new addition to the Forsaken expansion in Destiny 2’s fifth season. To get the weapon, players must use Radiant Frames to craft Jotunn and farm the Bergusia Forge while holding a Radiant Frame.

It is now impossible to get Jotunn through the original way since that content has been consigned to the content vault as Destiny’s scope has grown. Obtaining the fusion gun has never been easier for those with the appropriate funds.

How to get jotunn Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

How to get the Jotunn Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

You may purchase previously released exotics at the Monument to Lost Lights, which is near to the Vault area of the Tower. The “Forsaken Exotics” area is where you may purchase the exotic toaster.

The Jotunn exotic fusion gun will cost the following in money and supplies:

  • One Strange Cipher Only
  • 125,000 Glimmer in all.
  • 200 microphasic datalattice
  • fragments of ascension


Hold the trigger down to charge up a tracking shot that explodes and burns when it hits the ground.

Volatile Launch: This weapon is designed for a payload that is particularly explosive. increases blast radius significantly. reduces handling speed somewhat. reduces the projectile’s speed a little.

Liquid Coils: Higher damage with a slower-building charge. causes more impact damage. increased charging time.

Shield Disorient: An explosion caused by an energy-matched shield confuses adjacent adversaries.

Polymer Grip: A lightweight substance makes up the grip of this weapon. accelerates handling

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How can I get a how to get jotun destiny 2 Sniper Rifle during the Haunted Season? All you ought to know is that. See our tips on getting the catalyst for the weapon to maximise the power of your new exotic toaster. Guardians, the Season of the Haunted is just getting started, so there will be lots of information on Twinfinite’s website to help you go where you need to go.

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