Best Vanguard Snipers: Get Top Snipers Loadouts and Ranks

Best Vanguard Snipers: Vanguard will be the next Call of Duty. In the Open Vanguard Beta, we had the opportunity to try out the multiplayer, and it was a lot of fun. It’s finally back to the Modern Warfare engine’s movement and overall feel (sorry, but I just didn’t like BOCW).

Shotguns and LMGs aren’t for everyone, so we’ve ranked every weapon in each category from worst to best for your convenience. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a Vanguard weapon in a specific category. It has been a while since we’ve covered the best sniper weapons in Vanguard; now we’ll talk about the best sniper rifles as well. The best sniper rifles in CoD: Vanguard?


This was probably a foregone conclusion for you. When it comes to snipers, the Kar98k is the undisputed champion, and it has earned that status thanks to its impressive damage, handling speed, and aim.

Best Vanguard Snipers

No matter how many attachments you add to it, this weapon will still function well as a sniper’s weapon regardless of how much customization you do. It’s a powerful weapon that you’ll have no issue employing.

Muzzle:Scout Silencer
Optic:Type 97 5X Telescopic
Barrel:VDD REO2K
Ammo Type:Lengthened
Rear Grip:Stippled Grip

Three-Line Rifle Best Snipers by VANGUARD

This was a tough decision to come to a conclusion on. Even if the 3-Line Rifle is equal in quality to the Kar98k, it is difficult to use due to the Vanguard’s speed. It’s a lifesaver if this changes, or if you want to use a sniper in Search & Destroy.

Best Vanguard Snipers

The sheer power of this weapon makes up for its hefty recoil and sluggish handling in most situations. The 3-Line Rifle will knock your opponents to the ground and deal shock-and-awe damage to you.

Muzzle:F8 Stabilizer
Optic:1913 Variable 4-8x
Underbarrel:Mark VI Skeletal
Barrel:500mm MN Custom
Magazine:30-06 20 Round Mags
Ammo Type:Lengthened
Rear Grip:Fabric Grip


Finally, we have the Type 99, which is the worst of the bunch but is still a decent weapon. On paper, this weapon should be the perfect sniper for Vanguard’s current pace because of its emphasis on speed and handling, but it can’t handle the pressure.

Best Vanguard Snipers

A sniper rifle can only be effective with a lot of work, so once you’ve done that, get used to the swaying attachments and you’ll have a powerful weapon. Even though there are other snipers in the game that are better, this is our favorite attachment for the Type 99.

Muzzle: L Brake
Optic:SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
Underbarrel:Heavy Foregrip
Barrel:Shiraishi Short
Ammo Type:Lengthened
Kit:Fully Loaded
Rear Grip:Fabric Grip

In addition to the quickscoping attachments listed above, our best Vanguard Type 99 loadouts guide also includes a long-range sniping attachment.

Those are the snipers you should use, and while it may be brief, it gives us the opportunity to elevate the Kar98k even further in our estimation.


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