How Much Have I Spent on Valorant?

You might start to wonder How Much Have I Spent on Valorant after you’ve played it for a while since it seems like a lot. It’s possible that after purchasing the battle pass, skin bundles, and several other products within the game, you’ve already spent a significant amount of your country’s cash.

Consider using your opponent’s finisher animations as an opportunity to show off your skills and humiliate them. Continue reading if you want to find out how much money you’ve spent on VALORANT so far.

How Much Have I Spent on Valorant?

How do you find out how much you have spent on Valorant?

Through your Riot account, you can see how much money you have spent on Valorant. Just do the following:

  • Follow this link to get to the official Riot Games help site.
  • Connect your Riot Games account by clicking the red “Log in” button.
  • If you need to, you can finish the Two-factor authentication.
  • Click the red “See what I’ve bought” button.
  • Check it out!

What did you come up with? Were you planned on spending any money on new weapon skins before your pocketbook had shrunk so much? Please let us know via Discord, Twitter, or Instagram so that we can post about it!

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