10 Best grenade spots dust 2 Attacker Side April 2024

Grenade spots dust 2 is one of the earliest and original maps of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This represents the location that represents CSGO, and the game wouldn’t be like it did without Dust 2. Today we’ve got the most effective places to a grenade in Dust 2 for you.

While they aren’t the most effective tool for the sport, they can be utilized to kill a camp player in certain areas or force them to rotate and put them at risk. Here are the top Grenade Spots Dust 2:

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – Attacker Side

10 Best grenade spots dust 2 Attacker Side

A-Site Pit Grenade

Most of the grenades discussed here can be used to reduce someone’s health, such as this one. If you’re heading towards A-Site in late game or stopped at those double doors that double back on themselves, there’s likely a camper hiding in one corner of the pit. It April not be easy to get rid of them due to potential AWPers in Along or Site; thus this grenade April reduce their health and inform you where their trailer is situated.

A-Site Car Grenade

A-Site cars are often chosen as camping sites by defence forces. Unfortunately, using guns in such an area can be risky due to potential threats like catwalks, bombsites and CT spawn. One effective strategy for quickly clearing players camping near the car is shooting a grenade at them.

Bombsite A Grenade

The A-site is composed of small boxes in which one can stand and crouch. Gunpoint can quickly eliminate these angles, creating a 50-50 situation where both teams have nearly equal chances of winning the game. But using the grenade will change that dynamic and give you an advantage over those camping at A-site.

B-Site Car Grenade

10 Best grenade spots dust 2 Attacker Side

B-Car has a corner that April be harder to clear out when clearing out A-Car, and it faces in the opposite direction. Even if you kill the person sleeping there, they could easily be traded from people on Site or Middle doors. Because this area is small, throwing a grenade would be far more effective in eliminating this angle; therefore, throwing one seems like the best course of action here.

Bombsite B Grenade

Similar to Bombsite A, B also features three small corners behind boxes where players can stand and camp. A single grenade in the midsection should help reduce HP or even cause death for campers; further, this makes clearing the site easier while managing site accessibility better.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – Defender Side

In the case of grenades, there are not a lot of most effective grenade locations dust 2 for defensive players. However, a few of them are helpful if used properly.

Double Door Grenade on Site

One of the most effective grenades in Dust Two Spots, it isn’t intended to destroy or harm enemies but rather stop them. If you’re a defensive player who likes pushing forward, throwing in The Double door could deter attackers for a short time. While Molotov is usually preferred, grenades could also be employed with similar results. This allows defenders to reach bits or corners over pits at an angle which makes it harder for attackers to advance A-Long.

A-Site Catwalk Grenade

When there’s talk of top grenades, dust twos, flashes or smoke coming from your area, the catwalk will always come up. If there are grenades nearby and someone on your team is near or at mid-doors, they could offer details about aggressive push-through on the catwalk. In such cases, throwing in a grenade gives time for everyone else to leave and retake or move around safely around the area.

B-Site Tunnel

This is one of the less frequently used locations for grenades since you need a Molotov that could do much better. If you don’t own one, this could be considered one of the more effective grenade areas dust 2.

I hope the article was of some assistance. Many lineups for the spots mentioned can be perfected with determination and practice.

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