Proton VPN Free: Free Fast VPN with Unlimited Bandwidth

Proton VPN Free: Almost every free VPN has a low data cap. Over 500MB a month and you’re shut out for a few weeks. Proton VPN provides you unlimited bandwidth. You may use the service as much as you wish without lockouts.

The free plan has significant limitations, however. The plan only offers a single connection in the US, Netherlands, and Japan. (You can instal Proton VPN on as many Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS devices as you desire, but only one at a time.)
Free users lack P2P and streaming unblocking. If Proton VPN supplied limitless P2P-friendly bandwidth for free, it would be overwhelmed 24/7.

Proton VPN Free: Logging and Privacy

Proton VPN Free: When picking a VPN, commercial or free, one of the first things to ask is whether it can be trusted to protect your privacy. The company’s history of security success gives Proton VPN an excellent start. The Swiss team founded ProtonMail in 2014 as ‘the world’s biggest encrypted email service’ This firm delivers safe online services globally.

Apps can provide proof for experts. They’re all open source, so anybody can check for flaws or security risks. SEC Consult audited Proton’s applications in 2020. Proton solved all the important problems found throughout the procedure.

The applications protected our privacy well in real-world usage. They employ powerful protocols (WireGuard, OpenVPN). No DNS leaks were identified. No matter how hard we tested the kill switch, it effectively halted our internet traffic, preventing inadvertent exposure.

The corporation could do more. TunnelBear analyses its applications, servers, website, and backend infrastructure annually; Proton VPN should, too. Even without it, the company deserves respect for its transparency, which is much beyond the competition.

Proton VPN Free

Proton VPN Free: Apps for Windows and Mac

Proton VPN Free: Proton VPN’s Windows and Mac programmes are well-designed, feature-packed, and intuitive to use.

They open with a globe map and location list. You may pan, zoom, and click a location marker on the map. You may also pick from the normal text list. If you seldom use the map, you may adjust the programme window so only the location list, buttons, and status panels are shown.

We saw 10 second connection delays, sometimes more (many providers are ready to go in two seconds, or even quicker). But there’s a reason. Other applications hurry to connect but fail if network circumstances aren’t appropriate. Proton VPN’s applications assess network conditions first, which delays connection but enhances success rate.

After starting the VPN, we had no connectivity troubles. We saw no connection drops or slowdowns.

Proton VPN Free: Apps for iOS and Android

Proton VPN Free: Android and iOS Proton VPN applications look like the desktop versions. They also permit picking places from a map or text list; these are accessible through separate tabs, a better option for tiny displays.

Both the Android and iOS applications linked fairly promptly, without any delays. Proton VPN has fast connections in various scenarios, depending on your device and network.

Once the VPN was operating, we had no problems. In-depth testing found no DNS leaks or connection drops.
VPN companies may limit mobile customers’ access to their most powerful capabilities. Proton VPN doesn’t.

Android app settings include a kill switch, split tunnelling, DNS leak prevention, and expert-level networking changes. It beats Windows by adding IKEv2 to WireGuard and OpenVPN.

Proton VPN’s iOS app can’t match that, but it has a kill switch, WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 support. There are other speedup technologies, troubleshooting logs, and an iOS widget for simpler joins and disconnects.

Proton VPN Free: Performance

Proton VPN Free: We test free VPN speeds from a UK data centre with a fast 1Gbps connection to discover what a service can accomplish.

Our nearest Amsterdam server managed 130Mbps with Proton VPN. Even when our data travelled longer to New York, our speeds jumped to 380Mbps. Maybe there are more users in Europe or servers in the US. PrivadoVPN (350Mbps), Atlas VPN (320Mbps), and TunnelBear (300Mbps) weren’t far behind.

Proton VPN’s free package doesn’t provide you access to its streaming-optimized servers, so you won’t unblock much. We did our standard testing, but US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus were inaccessible.

Even the most seasoned VPN user needs technical assistance, thus the free package includes email support.


Proton VPN Free: An elegant and professional free VPN with excellent performance and top-notch applications. Proton VPN Free is an amazing bundle and a legitimate substitute for a paying service, albeit we would want additional locations.

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