Watch More Movies and TV Shows for Free VPN

Watching movies and tv shows are undoubtedly the best form of entertainment there is. It is lots of fun and time-consuming, perfect when you want the days to fly by. Some people spend a lot of time in front of the tv, computer, tablet or smartphone, and can watch entertainment for hours. Others only spend some time in the evening watching tv.

Watch More Movies and TV Shows for Netflix

Watch More Movies and TV Shows for Free

Netflix has almost become synonymous with streaming movies and TV shows. Branding is crucial for a company that wants to succeed. And you can’t deny that Netflix is a cool name. Perhaps the creators used a business name generator like this one because the word ‘Netflix’ has become one of the most used websites, especially during the lockdown. However, they are struggling with strict licenses that make it impossible for every country to get access to the large movie and series library. Netflix is not just the name of the company, it has become a brand attached to all streaming. Therefore it is important for any business to ensure that they choose the right name from the start. Generators can be a huge help, as they come up with suggestions, you might not have thought of otherwise.

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However, much you are watching, there is always the need for more content. Either if you are missing the new movies, or simply want to watch some of the old classics, here is how you do it.

Find new movies for free

Many European countries are missing some of the greatest movie titles, and new releases. American Netflix is known for offering a huge amount of entertainment content, much more than you might be used to. This even though we are paying the same amount for our subscription.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. There has been developed free software that will block your IP address. This makes it possible to switch servers and roam on a server from a different country. The program is called a VPN and stands for Virtual Private Network. While some VPNs will soon charge for service, others can be downloaded and used for free. It is quick and easy to download, and there are several ones to choose from. You can even find a VPN guide, to help you find the best VPN.

How to download a VPN

Watch More Movies and TV Shows for Free VPN

Downloading a VPN is simple and can be done in a couple of minutes. After you have found the desired VPN, download it to your computer. When it is finished, open the program and the browser you want to use. Sometimes you need to use Firefox or Chrome for it to work. Now you can find the VPN icon in the down left corner. If you want more content on Netflix, try a server from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada. These have a lot of movies and TV shows. Now you are ready to explore a new world of entertainment, right through your already owned Netflix subscription.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to watch all the new releases and all the classics, without needing to buy, rent, or go to the movie theatre. A VPN is a must for everyone that uses their computer for entertainment. However, since the program blocks your IP address, you are also more secure from hackers or other security breaches when you are online.


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