Twitch Streamer TheDanDangler: 6th Time, She has been Banned

Twitch Streamer TheDanDangler is banned for the same reasons as before. On Twitch, pushing limits frequently leads to success. Gambling, abusive conduct, and sexually explicit material might incur Twitch’s wrath. She has accidentally surpassed Twitch’s content barrier multiple times. She’s always sorry, but Twitch’s vague regulations upset her. TheDanDangler’s suspension isn’t surprising.

Twitch Streamer TheDanDangler: Why is she banned?

Twitch Streamer TheDanDangler

Twitch streamer TheDanDangler tweeted the ban last week. To display her rage, The Dandangler recorded a self-portrait in the mirror. Twitch streamer TheDanDangler notified her followers that her suspension was due to her bikini. She’s worn the bikini “a million times” on Twitch, so she’s not sure what went wrong.

TheDanDangler’s ban is disappointing, but she assures her admirers she’ll be back soon. TheDanDangler apologised for breaching Twitch’s Terms of Service in a follow-up tweet. She says she loves her profession to emphasise that she wouldn’t willfully breach Twitch’s TOS.

Twitch established new nudity and dress regulations after hot tub and pool feeds. Twitch’s new restrictions include exceptions for swimming in pools and hot tubs. This regulation modification permitted women to swim in swimwear that satisfied specific standards. She certainly disobeyed one of these regulations, such as not covering particular body areas or wearing a bikini with too much sheerness.

Given TheDanDangler’s one-day punishment, Twitch may not see his transgression as serious. TheDanDangler doesn’t know what she done wrong since Twitch doesn’t disclose details to offenders.

TheDanDangler’s sixth Twitch suspension, several for questionable apparel. She is infamous for pushing the rules despite not understanding why she’s banned. Twitch promotes her OnlyFans account. A sixth Twitch ban is possible.

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