Pokimane is done with Twitch, says no more Grind on Twitch

Pokimane is done with Twitch: The streamer with 9 million followers has experience with Twitch. One of the most popular Twitch broadcasters has realised she’s no longer that interested in it.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys claimed in her debut video after a month-long vacation that she would broadcast less on Twitch and publish non-gaming stuff on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. “Other platforms match my lifestyle better,” she remarked.

The 26-year-old broadcaster, who began broadcasting League of Legends in 2013, has lost her enthusiasm for Twitch. “I hope it doesn’t seem arrogant, but I feel like I’ve seen everything on Twitch,” she added.
“Streamers are pressured to follow every trend, profit on viewership, and broadcast longer than their neighbour…” Pokimane elaborated. “The industry is hypercompetitive. Ultimately, I say this because it no longer seems artistically gratifying to feed into it.”

Pokimane is done with Twitch

Why Pokimane is done with Twitch?

Pokimane is done with Twitch: It’s unknown how the 9.2-million-follower streamer’s newly extended exclusive deal with Twitch would be impacted by her new schedule. Pokimane is a streamer, co-founder of OfflineTV, and CCO of the firm that co-owns EVO. In 2020, he turned down a $3 million sponsorship opportunity.
Pokimane wants Twitch “to be a part of my arsenal” but doesn’t want the “pressures” of full-time streaming. “When I get up, I don’t want to hurry to my PC and game for eight hours straight,” she added, echoing other Twitch broadcasters who left because of the daily grind.

Twitch has relaxed the prohibition on partnered broadcasters broadcasting to YouTube and TikTok, apparently acknowledging that producers must spread themselves over numerous platforms to improve their success. Only 0.015% of Twitch broadcasters earn a living salary, according to internal documents released last year.

Burnout and diminishing interest are frequent factors for Twitch breakers. Pokimane may move away from full-time streaming without losing her following, but for the millions who want to convert Twitch into a career, the struggle remains.

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