Roblox Deepwoken Map All New Locations April 2024

Roblox Deepwoken Map – Players can explore an expansive open world and discover unique regions. There’s just one catch: there isn’t a map provided for navigation purposes. So to make things easier, we’ve divided up each sub-region into smaller pieces using players’ help. So without further delay, here is our comprehensive list of every place found on Roblox Deepwoken map!

Map of every Deepwoken Map location on Roblox

As previously stated, Roblox Deepwoken lacks an official map. Many players have created and drawn their own maps as a reference point. The below-displayed Etrean Luminant map was crafted by Twitter user @IscoFish and can be found here.

On the Etrean Luminant map, there are three major seas:

Exists a Deepwoken Map, or not?

Roblox Deepwoken Map All New Locations

formally, no. There is no map of Deepwoken. Certainly not yet. If the creator notices that players are finding it difficult to explore and learn about the game’s universe, they may decide to remove the Deepwoken map, although it is likely by purpose that there isn’t one yet.

In light of this, it’s just a matter of time until people organise and create their own Deepwoken map. As they did with Rogue Lineage, Deepwoken’s predecessor, years ago, and as an effort is already being made to list all the explorable Deepwoken locales and regions, anticipate a detailed map to be prepared soon enough.

Sea of Etrea

All the regions and subregions of the Eterean Sea are included in the Aratel Sea Void Sea file below.

Isthmus of Erisia Temple of the Blade Temple of Etrea Temple of Etrea Temple of Etrea


  • Etris
    • Etrean Wilds
    • Etris Docks
  • Isle of Vigils 
    • Temple of the Blade
    • Temple Approach


  • Lower Erisia
    • Tomb of the Nameless Warrior
    • Pathfinder’s Respite
  • Upper Erisia
    • The Birdcage
    • Viper’s Jaw
    • Erisor’s Church
    • Towerstruck Lands
      • The Hidden Village

Temple of the Forgotten Flame

  • Temple Courtyard

The Garden Reservoir

  • Lord Erisia’s Manor
  • Burning Stone Gardens
    • Rat’s Den

Here are all the areas and sub-regions positioned inside the Aratel Sea:

Aratel Island

  • Starswept Valley
    • Lightkeeper Temple
    • Widow’s Hollow
  • The Lordsgrove
  • Bluster Rift
  • Merit’s Reach
  • Fort Merit

Other Islands

  • Songseeker Wilds
    • Songkeeper Temple
  • Summer Isle
  • The Monkey’s Paw
  • Greathive Aratel

Mentioned beneath are all the areas and sub-regions positioned inside the Void Sea:

The Void Sea

  • Boatman’s Watch
  • Voidheart

There you have it, then. All the information you want for the Roblox Deepwoken map. If you enjoyed this information, make sure to check out additional advice on the best way to escape the depths, potential races and rarities, and the whole list of Roblox Deepwoken codes.

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