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Tales of Arise Best Accessories: How to make best Accessories

Tales of Arise Best Accessories: With the assistance of this tutorial, you will be able to figure out how to provide each character in Tales of Arise the best possible equipment.

Players of Tales of Arise who wish to tackle the endgame content of the game or finish late-game chores on the game toughest level should build the best accessories possible for each of their characters. This guide to the greatest gear will teach you all you need to know about getting the best accessories in Tales of Arise.

To some extent, what people consider to be the greatest accessories for each character is subjective so I’ll give you a basic idea of what’s popular and provide some suggestions for what you might prefer instead. Still, the Tales of Arise finest accessories are subjective, so you may disagree.

Alphen: Tales of Arise Best Accessories

Alphen may possess Tales of Arise equipment equipped with Magic Emblems that increase fire damage by 15% per slot, increasing Alphen’s fire power significantly.

Don’t fall for the idea that because Alphen is physical attacker, his physical attack capabilities should only come into play once your endgame or stages become harder.

Tales of Arise Best Accessories

Elemental Attack controls the damage done to Alphen’s Flaming Sword strikes by Elemental Attack; specifically fire damage. Equipping Incineration Wave with your Alphen will deal damage equal to 30-50 percent of their health in one hit!

As your Flaming Sword may not always be necessary in random encounters, having an alternate attachment which boosts attack could come in handy in these instances if needed – although not worth your while considering most trash encounters are over quickly anyway!

However, if you are considering purchasing an accessory I suggest selecting a Warrior Emblem with Counterattack Damage +30 percent multiplied 4 as the ideal accessory choice please see Law for further explanations on this matter.

Mount Dhiara, Tower of Wind Spirit Ruins and Lake Adan are excellent places to find astral ore. Additionally, level 3 skills which increase fire damage by 15% may make these resources available throughout postgame dungeons.

Rinwell: Tales of Arise Best Accessories

When it comes to the Tales of Arise add-ons, Rinwell believes that a Mystic Crest with 4x Counterattack Damage and +30 percent is the greatest one available.

If an enemy is struck by one of Rinwell’s spells while it is going through its attack animation, the damage will be increased by thirty percent. This in no way suggests that Rinwell’s counter edges have been given additional potency. In addition to increasing the casting speed by twenty percent, this attachment increases the amount of damage dealt to late-game bosses and other foes who are not already incapacitated by one hundred twenty percent.

Tales of Arise Best Accessories

It is possible to use a Magic Emblem in its place, but the end result will be somewhat less stunning. Not only does it increase damage, but using Rinwell is also disrupted less frequently while you have it equipped.

Mystic Crest is a level 4 skill that can be activated by collecting a Mysterious Fragment from one of the following locations: Gegham Helgarahi, Tarfhal Helgarahi, the Zest zone of the post-game dungeon, or the Scarlet Night area.

Kisara: The Best Accessories for Tales of Arise

The Kisara’s Tales of Arise accessories with the highest demand are typically those that have a high amount of elemental defense and a higher aggro level.

There are essentially two alternatives to choose from for the fundamental accessory, and each one has a compelling case that can be made on its behalf. My top choice is a Resurrection Ring since it provides Shionne with the best opportunity to avoid the time and effort required to bring Kisara back to life in the event that she passes away. Kisara could need an Elemental Defense Ring in addition to a Resist Ring, thus it could be a good idea to look into purchasing her one of those rings.

Tales of Arise Best Accessories

In either case, the level 4 skills Elemental Defense +60 and Increased Aggro L are requirements for you to fulfill.

In order to successfully create a Revival Ring, it is essential to first procure a Regenerative Crystal. These crystals can be discovered all over the game world in locations such as Berg Volcano, Frozen Valley, and Mount Dhiara Ridge, as well as the Tower of the Wind Spirit and Fogwharl Caverns in the Forland Mountains. Other possible locations include the Tower of the Wind Spirit in the Forland Mountains.

Inhibitor Crystals may be found in Mount Dhiara, Aqfotle Hills, Esta Luvah Forest, Aqfotle Ruins, Adan Ruins, Adan Lake, Destiny Rift, and Symphony Rift. These crystals are necessary for crafting Resist Rings and can be found in each of these locations.

Dohalim: The Best Accessories for Tales of Arise

No matter how you utilize Dohalim, his Tales of Arise accessories offer just as many options for healing Shionne as Dohalim does for himself.

Tales of Arise Best Accessories

Mystic Crest or Faerie Ring are your best choices, with casting Time -5 percent or Casting Time -5 percent and CP Cost -10 percent as the optimal settings. My preference lies with using all three settings at once for similar reasons to Shionne; Dohalim will benefit immensely by increasing his offensive magic skills!

Casting spells is significantly faster and CP costs reduced when using skills of level 5. When combined, these improvements reduce casting times by 5% and cost of spellcasting by 10% when using skills of level 5. Mysterious Fragments are artifacts required to activate the Mystic Crest; these can be found in post-game dungeons of Gegham Helgarahi, Tarfhal Helgarahi, Zest and Scarlet Night; Pixie Crystals required by Faerie Ring can also be found everywhere else!

Shionne: The Best Accessories for Tales of Arise

Shionne should focus her accessories selection in Tales of Arise on either decreasing his CP count, casting time reduction, or some combination thereof. Although casting time can be recharged with relatively minor consumables, it remains frustrating when Shionne reaches the last second in casting a spell that requires significant cast time only to have it stop dead in its tracks.

Therefore, I suggest opting for Mystic Crest because it reduces casting times by 40% overall while simultaneously shortening each slot by five percent. When Shionne utilizes this technique to heal herself quickly, her recovery speeds increase considerably.

Mystic Crests (CP Cost -10 percent) and Faerie Rings (CP Cost-20 percent) are two popular alternatives, both offering faster casting speeds at reduced CP costs; Mystic Crests cost 10 percent less than Faerie Rings. When it comes to combat, stacking casting times is probably best due to how easily CP can be replenished with items on-hand during battle; though any combination of criteria would work, stacking casting times is generally the most efficient strategy.

Skill level 5 reduces casting times by 5% and costs by 10% when using spellcasting spells, and also decreases their cost per casting by 10%. A Mysterious Fragment is required to activate the Mystic Crest; it can be found in post-game dungeons such as Gegham Helgarahi, Tarfhal Helgarahi, Zest and Scarlet Night; Pixie Crystals required for Faerie Ring activation can also be discovered throughout these locations.

Law: The Best Accessories for Tales of Arise

When looking for the best accessories to fit your Tales of Arise Law character, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Because a Warrior Emblem is the best possible base accessory, that is the one you should get if you want my recommendation. There are some people who would argue in favor of stacking AG cost reductions, but based on my personal experience, there is nothing better than Alphen’s +Fire Damage for doing one hundred twenty percent more damage to any boss that isn’t already defeated.

To obtain a skill such as “Counterattack Damage +30 percent,” one needs to first obtain four levels of experience. Warrior Emblems can be found in Ganymede Castle, Lacerda Cliff, Safar Sea Cave, Overseer Hill, Trasilda Highway, and Gilanne Woodland. However, in order to craft them, you will need Brimore, which can be found in Gilanne Woodland.


After reviewing all of the information presented above about Tales of Arise Best Accessories you should have a better grasp of its purpose and significance to you. If any queries or issues arise concerning what has been provided here, feel free to leave comments in the section located below.

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