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Operetta Monster High: Operetta is an all-around character who came out in 2010. She is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. She was born in France but raised in Gnarleston. Operetta is now a student at Monster High. Operetta has the reputations of both a diva and a rebel. She wants to be treated with respect, but she also turns her back on rules, conventions, and etiquette.

She usually avoids her fellow students so she can hang out in the catacombs, where she has her own recording room and theater. Operetta’s passion in life is music. She is a good singer, but her powers don’t let her sing live. She is also good at playing the guitar and the organ. Operetta likes playing for crowds, but she only talks about music with people who are as passionate about it as she is. Even though Operetta is likely to make a bad first impression, she has a strong sense of right and wrong that helps her through life.

Operetta Monster High Character

Operetta Monster High Character: Personality

Operetta is a tough girl who is very determined. Holt Hyde’s “Basic” diary calls her “a bit of a diva” with “a set of pipes.” Operetta is a rebellious teen who hates being told what to do and what to leave alone. She is mostly a loner who drives in her own lane and avoids social obligations. She lives alone in the catacombs of Monster High. There, she has everything she needs, like a small amphitheater with a pipe organ where she can play music, which is her one true passion. Phantom of the Opera Even though she doesn’t care much about praise or criticism, Operetta’s “Campus Stroll” diary and Hiss-teria of her music is sure to be a hit. The right compliment goes a long way with her, but if you hurt her feelings, you’ll be on the receiving end of her revenge until the score is evened out. This is Treble

During her first few months at Monster High, Operetta only talked to a few of her peers. This was not a good start. To some extent, her personality and reputation played a role in that, as she is intimidating and slow to connect with people. Miscommunications and egos as strong as hers did the rest. Hiss-teria Operetta has been a real part of Monster High ever since she made her first few friends. Joining the SKRM team was a big deal. She turned down the team at first because she didn’t want to be different, but she ended up joining anyway because girls were made fun of for wanting to play. She stayed on the team because she learned to like it.

Abilities & Powers

  • Glass-breaking scream: Operetta uses this power often by letting out a scream that can break glass.
  • Flight: Since phantoms are a type of ghost, when they are transparent in the Ghost World, they can fly and have other ghostly abilities.
  • Like other ghosts, she will live forever.


Operetta has purple complexion and red-black hair. Her hair is generally in a ponytail or has no distinctive style. She has an enormous spider web and musical note birthmark on her left cheek. It covers her neck and left shoulder. Operetta has a matching tattoo on her left arm inspired by the look. She has a forgettable mole under her left lower lip. Her grey-purple eyes are frequently concealed by a mask, veil, or sunglasses. Her monocle-shaped masks are doll earrings. Elvis Presley enthusiast, she favors 1950s and 1960s attire. She also accessorizes with web and dice images. This blends with her fondness for white and black, which work well for dice, pianos, and records. Dark purple and red also appear.

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