Duel Links Tier List: Best Decks April 2024

Are you searching for the Duel Links Tier List 2024? Look no further here we have compiled the top decks from our meta deck tier list. Let’s begin with this year’s Duel Links Tier List.

Duel Links Tier List:  Best Decks

Yu-Gi-Oh. Duel Links, a Konami game for iOS, Android, & Windows mobile devices & PCs, is amazing. You can download the game through both App Store & Steam for your convenience.

Yu-Gi-Oh. The Duel Links Tier List is composed of the top decks currently available, all having an immense impact on how the game is played. They generally boast superior performances in tournaments as well as having the greatest numerical presence.

Over the past few weeks, Magnet Warrior deck has emerged as one of the top contenders for overall best deck due to its dependability & field control. It has achieved Tier 1 status due to its favorable match-ups against most other decks & potential to reach that position.

Monsters often tribut themselves & flee away from any target they come across, which makes deck traps effective at recovering monsters in matches by revitalizing magnet. Due to these effect deck traps become powerful tools in combat.

Magnet Warriors features several great starting cards for its combination, such as Beta (which seeks out cards of its archetype) Gamma, a monster that summons a warrior magnet from your h& Alpha, which seeks out the boss card in the deck & Delta (which send one warrior magnet from the deck to the graveyard).

One of the most frequent effects they possess is the power to pay a tribute during an opponent’s turn in order to summon a level 4 magnet warrior from the deck, with Delta being the exception; she does not possess this effect but instead summoned by level 3 magnet warriors (Gamma, Beta & Alpha).

One card not to be underestimated is “Joint Magnets Field.” This card adds more versatility to your deck by enabling summoning monsters from the Graveyard & returning opponent’s monsters without targeting. As such, this card can be especially helpful in combatting cards which are untargeted or destroyed by other effects, like “Blooming Diva, the Melodious Coral” & “Lunalight Blade Dancer.”

As the deck invests a significant amount of resources into finding & sending cards to the graveyard, it begins using summoning cards such as “Super Team Comrade Force United” or “Powerful Rebirth,” which generate significant game volume while also making it difficult for opponents to win with an optimal strategy.

Tier 2: Duel Links Tier List: These decks possess the versatility to perform well in different game conditions, often finishing well overall in tournaments but having difficulty against Tier 1s & thus getting targeted less frequently due to this.

It was the deck that most benefited from the arrival of Monster Revival cards & “Black Luster Soldier – The Envoy of the Beginning”, both adding an impressive return to play & removing some problematic cards from playfield. Furthermore, “Black Luster Soldier” became searchable by “Gaia Soldier, The Fiery Knight”.

But in general, the moves remain unchanged & focus on creating the fusion “Gaia, the Magic Knight of the Dragon”, having an interaction on your opponent’s turn & being the main move: invoking “Gaia, The Magic Knight”, giving special invocation of “Dragon Fire’s Curse”, for its effect to invoke fusion using both materials with good field control thanks to archetype field which can also be searched using skill searches.

Tier 3 – Duel Links Tier List| Duel Links These decks should be placed lower on the tier list due to having few favorable matchups in general yet managing to achieve successful outcomes in specific events. Players tend not to focus on them since they do not dominate the metagame.

The Abyss Actor deck, the first pendulum deck in Duel Links with the ability to generate a significant amount of resources while making summons, has quickly gained relevance since the release of cards from the latest mini box. It is now one of the most popular decks available & boasts several other advantages that helped it earn its place among our tier 3 list:

Madonna can utilize talents for an aggressive turn 3 or turn 4, as well as Closed Tombs to restrict their opponent’s actions. Furthermore, thanks to the psychic wheel, Madonna may gain access to disease spreading zombies & Cosmic Illumination through zombie purchasing.

This deck’s impressive card production, both in h& & during interactions with the Super star in a pendulum summon, are due to its consistent compatibility with Madonna & Sky Iris. Not only that, but this deck also has the capacity for managing interactions within this same pendulum summon with ease.

Sassy Rookie (Insolent Newbie) can bring in a level 4 or lower abyss actor monster, while Madonna herself acts as a “h& trap”, entering via special summon when an Abyss Actor monster is destroyed. These combinations give you an advantage against interactions; however, remember that in case of only having two monsters available it might not be worth playing against interactions at all.

The Version That Is the Most Current And Competitive

At present, the best version is not significantly different from others but instead emphasizes resource generation through sky iris & madonna, while taking advantage of Draw Destiny to access limited cards such as Storm. Storm works like a pendulum: activation & resolution generate less back row cards from opponents while bodying new ones on the table plus cards in h& for when you swing again.

It is essential to point out that the strange eyes of the final huge box, in addition to being a target for ris, also possess 2700 attacks & an excellent ability to complete games whereas the unicorn cannot. In most matches, these differences won’t be that significant; however, there will be matches where having a larger attack monster may make all the difference, & in such instances the larger monster may prove more successful.

Harpia’s Hunting Ground remains popular, but with the skill nerf it has lost very little of its consistency when coming out first. This is due to needing to return cards from their h& s back into the deck & put the field directly onto it just like Gaia does. The Deck’s “Mind Check” feature lets users see their opponent’s cards while still controlling their own.

Other skills remain useful, such as “Testament of the Harpies,” which grants you “Harpies’ Feather Duster” in your h& when four harpies with different names reside in a graveyard; & “Bond That Binds,” which can be beneficial in certain matchups & utilized effectively from either side.

Harpias had an explosive deck & great field control before the nerf. Now without it, stopping Harpias’ moves is much more viable, though still good enough to use. Harpias remains consistent which I believe is one of the main reasons this deck remains popular, along with Slash being an excellent control card since Harpias was such an explosive deck. Due to all these factors combined, this deck is now ranked as Tier 3.

Phantom Knight (PK) deck has made a name for itself in the metagame & recently achieved Tier 3 with the release of their last booster box & Yuto character. As a “Phantom Strategy” deck, its highly aggressive nature combined with an otherwise slow metagame has resulted in quick victories for this deck.

In this case, it will send a Phantom Knights monster to the graveyard & then place a “Phantom Knights – Blade of Mist” Trap Card that prevents that monster from attacking while it remains on the field.

Additionally, it blocks its attacks & yours as well. Furthermore, its effect in the Graveyard is similar to that of virtually all other PK traps: expelling it brings a monster from there onto the field – an effect shared by virtually all PK traps.

Monsters with special abilities (PK monsters) that are sent to the Graveyard have an effect when sent: “The Ancient Cloak” adds one PK monster from the Deck to your h& , minus itself; “The Worn Gloves” sends one card from the Deck to the Graveyard as well as giving 1000 ATK to any XYZ DARK monster that used it as Material; & finally “The Silent Boots,” which special enters when there’s a PK monster on field plus adds 1000 ATK for any monster with 1000 ATK bonus points.”

This deck is particularly aggressive, making use of staple cards such as “Book of the Moon,” “Mystical Space Typhoon,” & “Treacherous Trap Hole.” Further more, it utilizes another PK trap called “Phantom Knights – Sword,” which gives 800 ATK to any monster on the field & destroys itself when one is defeated through battle or other effects.

Water xyz is an intriguing deck because it causes disagreements among many players. This is due to the deck featuring one of the strongest combo cards in the game, yet it cannot be accessed reliably. Therefore, its user must rely on buying Diva in order to make their move; consequently, luck often plays a significant role in this deck’s outcome.

Duel Links’ Tier List has seen some recent changes that have made other decks more competitive, leaving Water in an even weaker position than before due to its dependence on purchasing limited starters & lower power ceiling. Water’s stock has declined, forcing it to withdraw.

Meta deck power levels remain consistent, meaning this Duel Links Tier List deck has the potential to surprise opponents & win tournaments depending on how it is constructed. With recent rebalancing of skills, however, players are still uncertain how weapons will function while players hold them while riding.

Final Words

In our previous matches against Gishki in ranked play, they summoned Abyss & chained Chalice; after which I chained Salve & won.

No way for us to know what players think about Gishki. The Duel Links Tier List deck is Backrow Turbo in an MST metagame, & the main Gishki ritual’s nontargeting shuffle does not eliminate any threats that other targeting effects cannot eliminate. Furthermore, this conditional effect only works half the time since you likely already thinned your best deck of Gishkis while going through your ultimate combo.

We believe this Duel Links Tier List deck will be unbeatable if Cocytus ever returns to circulation.

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