Gamestop PS5 Restock long-awaited Gamestop PS5

Gamestop PS5 Restock: The recent PS5 resupply drought seems to have lasted significantly longer than past shortages, but there appears to be hope at the end of the tunnel.

This Memorial Day weekend, GameStop has confirmed that it will hold an in-store PS5 restock for its PowerUp Rewards Pro members. On May 28, go to your local store for a chance to get your hands on this new release. Meanwhile, individuals looking for online stock will be able to get the console on Thursday, June 2 at Walmart (opens in a new tab) (albeit this is only for paying Walmart Plus members (opens in a new tab)).

While we haven’t heard anything from Best Buy (opens in new tab), Amazon (opens in new tab), or Target (opens in new tab) in a few weeks, Sony (opens in new tab) recently announced another PS5 restock, indicating that the tides may be turning. It appears like a new batch of consoles will be arriving on store shelves in the coming weeks, so anyone looking for their next console should keep their ears to the ground.

Gamestop PS5 Restock
Gamestop PS5 Restock

PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider previously leaked GameStop’s in-store PS5 resupply via The Shortcut (opens in a new tab). The cheapest package is still $718.97, but it includes the console’s disc edition, a Cosmic Red additional DualSense controller, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and a $25 PSN gift card.

All of this is encouraging for shops we haven’t heard from, so if you’re not planning on camping outside a physical store, we recommend keeping in touch with your favorite online stores over the next few weeks.

Top PS5 restocking recommendations

We’ve been keeping watch of PS5 replenishment drops since the console’s launch, so we’ve learned a thing or two about getting those boxes to checkout. All of our best stock-hunting advice spanning over a year can be found right here.

1. Recognize when you should look

This is especially true right now, given how few PS5 stock declines we’ve seen in recent weeks. It’s worth noting, though, that when one merchant releases a limited-edition item, others frequently follow suit. Whether it’s because shipments have arrived or because of seasonal events, PS5 restocks tend to happen in waves, so keep an eye out during busy periods.

2. Choose a retailer

Sticking to a single retailer is becoming increasingly vital. Because several businesses have provided limited-edition PS5 stock drops for paying members or subscribers, this is the case. That means you’ll need to pick a shop and stick with them, paying a monthly membership fee to get access to these limited-edition items. We’d recommend checking out Walmart based on the regularity of restocks so far.

3. Register for an account and save your information.

It’s worth logging into your accounts ahead of time and staying signed in once you’ve discovered your merchant and received your membership. Save your payment and shipping information for a faster checkout (you can always delete it once you’ve received your sparkling new console). During a PS5 replenishment, every second counts, so any time spent entering information could cost you a win.

4. Don’t forget to keep the refresh button warm.

It won’t be pretty if a restock occurs. We’ve had the most success just brute-forcing our way through the digital crowds; there’s no elegant way around it. Continue refreshing the page and creating a bank of tabs that all do the same thing. Even if you come across an out of stock message, you can simply strike gold.

5. Never, ever give up.

Many PS5 stock hunters see everything dry up and go about their business—but not us. Retailers frequently release goods in waves, toggling an “out of stock” button as demand spikes, then reactivating availability after the site has settled down. If you keep up your game, you can get a second or third wave of restocks, giving you a lot more breathing room as you make your way to the checkout.

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