One Punch Man Manga: Is Saitama ever going to be a hero?

One Punch Man Manga: The protagonist of the One Punch Man manga and anime series is Saitama. The Caped Baldy is so powerful that he can defeat anyone with a single punch, hence the title of the series. One might believe that this guy is an S-class hero given his immense strength, but he was just a B-class hero in the anime when he battled Sea King during the first season of One Punch Man.

Some anime-only fans of the series have wondered if the Caped Baldy will ever reach the Hero Association’s S-class classification. Let’s take a look at a few of the fights to see if Saitama has ever been promoted.

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Physical Test

One Punch Man Manga
One Punch Man Manga

In the early stages of the series, Genos and Saitama had taken the exams that would grant them the right to become heroes. Saitama breezed through the physical tests, achieving the highest results in each. However, he did poorly on the written test, receiving an overall score of 71, earning him the distinction of C-rank hero. To become a C-class hero, the Caped Baldy will have to work his way up the ranks.

He was then promoted to B-class after destroying the meteor that was about to demolish Z-city. Genos believed that if he had been properly evaluated, he would have easily advanced to the A-class. He quickly advanced within the B-class after fighting the Deep Sea King, who dispatched Genos in a flash. Saitama was able to defeat him with a single punch, and the city’s temperature looked to be affected as well.

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Punch Man

Since then, the One Punch Man protagonist has been locked in B-class, but based on his success in the Monsters Association arc, a promotion isn’t out of the question. Saitama has defeated a few dragon threat level villains and is now up against Garou, who was given supernatural abilities by God. This indicates that Garou’s power levels are at an all-time high, and some fans speculate that he may be able to give Saitama a run for his money. Saitama’s triumph could lead to a promotion to S-class, depending on how strong Garou is and how serious the threat he poses.

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Garou’s ability

Despite this, a sizable portion of the audience still believes he can defeat Garou without too much difficulty. Given Garou’s ability to withstand Saitama’s usual punches, the Caped Baldy may need to use a more serious attack to beat the Hero Hunter in Cosmic Fear Mode. To summarise, Saitama has not yet received a promotion to S-class as of chapter 164, although he is quite likely to do so after beating a large number of powerful opponents.

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