Xiaomi has finally revealed the cost of their electric car!

Image Credit: Xiaomi

Xiaomi's electric vehicle intentions are probably well-known.

The tech company wants to develop self-driving electric vehicles

even showcased its Pilot Technology for self-driving two months ago.

CEO sounds ambitious and claims EVs are the company's only alternative.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun wants his company to be as big in auto as it is in consumer electronics

It will begin with a 4-door vehicle outfitted with the OEM's autonomous driving technology

The automobile will be produced in a first-party Chinese plant.

Mi's first vehicle, according to those in the know, will be a sedan with a LiDAR system and a starting price of roughly CNY 300,000 ($43,000)

At launch, many variants are expected to be available for between 200,000 and 200,000 Chinese Yuan ($29,000 and $31,000).