Big Discovery Claims By China On Moon

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China Claims Becoming 3rd Country Ever

To Discover A New Mineral On The Lunar Surface

On September 9, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) made a joint announcement.

Xinhua News Agency stated that experts studying Chang'e-5 samples found a new lunar mineral.

This is the first new mineral found on the Moon by China and the sixth one ever found by people.

China is the third country to find a new mineral on the Moon, said CAEA deputy director Dong Baotong.

Changesite-(Y), a newly found mineral, is a columnar crystal that is clear and has no color.

The study team found a new mineral after receiving the first 50 milligrams of lunar samples in July 2021.

China is the third country to do so after the US and the USSR.

China's Moon findings come amid a geopolitical struggle with the US to threaten its hegemony.