Halo Infinite Leak: Falcon Vehicle has been Exposed due to a Leak

Halo Infinite Leak: The most recent leak shows a prototype of the UH-144 Falcon rotor-copter vehicle, which suggests that it will be included in the game.

Halo Infinite Leak: Halo Infinite has a lot going on behind the scenes, particularly now that the cooperative story mode is in testing and Forge Mode is coming shortly. These large additions aren’t the only things coming to Infinite; data miners have showed off lesser chunks of material.

A data miner uncovered what seems to be an early version of the UH-144 Falcon rotor-copter. This doesn’t indicate that the Falcon dropship will be playable in Halo 5, but the model’s condition is fascinating.
According to the Halo Leaks Twitter account, the data harvested UH-144 Falcon is comparable to the Halo 4 version. It’s blocky and low-detail, yet has the Falcon’s silhouette. The Halo Leaks screenshot shows the previously disclosed Bulldog DMR sans its scope.

Halo Infinite Leak

Halo Infinite Leak: Behind the scenes

Halo Infinite Leak: 343 Industries looks to be juggling a lot of new Halo Infinite material behind the scenes. Aside from the co-op story and Forge Mode, the Falcon and Bulldog may be tiny upgrades or DLC. If so, they may wind up in the first big Halo Infinite expansion pack.
Halo Infinite is missing a handful of weapons, so 343 Industries is reintroducing old favourites. Now that production files for vehicles, like the Falcon, are accessible, the developer may add more gear and vehicles.

Halo Infinite Leak: This model is so identical to the one in Halo 4 that 343 may have imported it for another reason. The Falcon may or may not be developed as a driveable vehicle; in its present condition, it’s great as far-off window-dressing. Compared to other Halo Infinite elements, the Falcon appears simple.

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