Fortnite Versus Battle: How to Join and Win Versus battles?

Fortnite Versus Battle are a unique addition to the Island. Fortnite players must compete in Versus Battles to obtain the Two-Star Dragon Ball and impress the Saiyans. Here’s how to win Fortnite Versus Battles.

Fortnite Versus Battle: What is it?

Fortnite Versus Battles are 1v1 matches between two volunteers to determine the victor. Both players in a Versus Battle know each other’s overall position. A Versus Battle finishes with a winner or after five minutes if neither participant falls.

In a Versus Battle, both participants opt in and the playing field is even.

How to Enter a Fortnite Versus Battle?

You must join up for Versus Battles. Approach a Versus Board to join a battle. Visit your favourite Bounty Board location to register for a Versus Battle.

Fortnite Versus Battle

Using a Versus Board, open a menu. Next, click the Thumbs Up icon to volunteer for Versus Battle.

After entering a Versus Battle, look in the upper left corner of the screen to see your opponent’s name and remaining time. You may examine your map to find your opponent. Sometimes you must wait for an opponent to volunteer for a Versus Battle before being paired up.

Winning a Fortnite Versus Battle

In Fortnite, you must remove the adversary before time runs out or before they do. Before joining a Versus Battle, loot and max up your shields.

Utilize your opponent’s position. Are they hiding and not moving? Use explosives to flush them out. If you notice your Versus Battle opponent approaching, post up, play conservatively, and wait for a mistake. The Versus Battle is worthless if neither player dies before time runs out.

You automatically win a Versus Battle if your opponent dies, even if it’s not your fault. There’s always a possibility someone may steal an opponent player for you, making you the Versus Battle champion.

Joining and winning Fortnite Versus Battles will raise your Power Level, unlock the Shenron Glider, and give you the Two-Star Dragon Ball.

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