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Fallout New Vegas Expansion can be Played Until Fallout 5


Fallout New Vegas: We’re back in the Mojave Desert with a big Fallout New Vegas expansion. The Courier last bet against Mr. House 12 years ago. Now we have another incentive to play New Vegas.

Fans and developer Obsidian Entertainment hoped for a sequel, but a mod has brought a DLC-sized extension to New Vegas. OG Fallout New Vegas has six add-ons like Dead Money, but nothing compares to the newest.

Fallout New Vegas Expansion: What is it?

Fallout New Vegas: Race to the Bottom on Nexus Mods encourages you to return to New Vegas to play roulette. This fully-voiced mod comes from cgyp5, who also made The Deterrent.


“Unknown attackers” have plundered The Freeside Coop. Ella Hawthorne, a new NPC, recruited you as a mercenary to uncover the crime and seek down the criminals. “The adventure will give many methods to tackle each challenge with a focus on roleplaying,” the mod’s description adds.

The modder claims they matched Obsidian’s aesthetic, so it feels like vintage New Vegas. “Roleplay to your heart’s delight” with over 1000 lines of speech. Race to the Bottom is a medium-sized mod like Fallout 4’s Automatron. Downloading takes less than two hours.

Fallout New Vegas

When will Fallout 5 be Released?

Fallout New Vegas: The franchise’s future is bleak. Fallout 4 topped charts seven years ago. 2016’s Nuka-World DLC was followed by 2017’s standalone VR version. Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda should have benefited Fallout 5, but it backfired.


Fallout 5 has fallen behind Fable and The Elder Scrolls 6 due to Microsoft’s exclusives. The Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production, but it’s years away, therefore we fear Fallout 5’s release date. Todd Howard has pledged that Fallout would stay under Bethesda, but with such a delay, would Obsidian New Vegas 2 hurt? In the interim, modders fill our radioactive hearts.

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