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Doom 64 is Being Distributed Freely by Epic Games


Doom 64: Doom is a major game franchise. It may seem like any other boomer shooter, yet it revolutionised the FPS genre. John Romero’s crew helped the genre in numerous ways.

Doom is more than just a classic FPS game. Even if Doom and its sequels have become ultra-violence simulators, the franchise is legendary for many reasons. Now a hidden treasure is free on PC.

How can Doom 64 be Obtained for Free?

This time, Epic Games is giving away Doom 64. 1997’s Doom was the sole N64 Doom game.


Doom 64 was criticised for lacking fresh gameplay, although it assisted the original game’s 3D shooter goals. Players won’t only get the basic game for free. Epic’s 2020 update adds 60 FPS and improved graphics.

Epic’s free edition of Doom 64 includes the game’s missing stages, completing its tale (if the story is what you show up to a Doom game for). Log in to your Epic Games account to acquire Doom64, but hurry!

Doom 64 is Being Distributed Freely by Epic Games

Not for Long, Doom 64 Will be Free

If you want to buy Doom 64 while it’s on sale (you should), act quickly. The game and the Rumbleverse Boom Boxer Content Pack are free on the Epic Games Store until October 25.


If you like the game, get it immediately, even if your PC setup isn’t great. If Doom runs on tractors, pregnancy tests, and Legos, it can run on your old laptop. Prepare to blast demons with ’90s nostalgia.

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