SPD Research Tool 2024 Latest All Versions 2024

Due to limitations of the SPD Research Tool 2024, users were unable to flash documents and perform other related tasks with it. But now with the SPD Update Tool you can easily flash stock firmwares of devices you own or upgrade or downgrade software versions with it and make adjustments easily and swiftly. In this tutorial we’ll also cover its functionality as well as steps involved with flashing firmware or other ROMs onto supported devices – simply follow along!

SPD Research Tool allows users to flash stock firmware (PAC) onto Spreadtrum/Unisoc powered smartphones and tablets. On this page we offer both versions – current as well as previous – of SPD Research Tool for you to choose from.

SPD Research Tool 2024 Latest All Versions

Feature of SPD Research Tool

Easy Interface: This user-friendly tool features an intuitive user interface to make selecting firmware quickly and seamlessly. When clicking to load, this user interface also gives access to key settings like Flash Operations Multi Languages LCD Configure.

Flash Stock Firmware: This tool allows users to flash original.pac base stock firmware onto devices equipped with Spreadtrum/Unisec chipsets more effectively than SPD Upgrade Tool.

Flash Recovery: Spreadtrum or Unisoc devices can be flashed with either stock recovery, custom recoverys and root packages for maximum convenience.

Other Options: This device features multilingual support (requiring an NV file). Furthermore, LCD settings (requiring user image files may require), type of MCP and volume frequency tuning capabilities as well as active Flash reading/writing functions can all be customized on it.

The advantages of this tool are:

SPD Research Tool offers portability similar to SP Flash Tool, making it the ideal software package. SPD Research Tools have many advantages compared to other solutions – no external device is needed; just launch it right from within your browser window for easy and fast access!

Toughness of Tool:

Before upgrading or downgrading the specs of your phone, be mindful that using this tool could erase everything stored on it – be sure to create a backup! After upgrading to the latest firmware version, movies, photos, songs, documents and other media that was stored could become indispensable – plus programs and contacts may need restoring from an archive – make sure all important data has been safeguarded prior to beginning this process!

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Download SPD Research Tool 2024 Latest All Versions

SPD Research Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, from XP to 12 (x32 or x64 bit). If you would like the most up to date Version, use these links to download it directly onto your PC:

R2.9.6011: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.6011.zip

R2.9.7002: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7002.zip

R2.9.7003: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7003.zip

R2.9.7006: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7006.zip

R2.9.7007: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7007.zip

R2.9.7008: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7008.zip

R2.9.7009: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7009.zip

R2.9.7017: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.7017.zip

R2.9.8004: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.8004.zip

R2.9.8005: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.8005.zip

R2.9.9005: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.9005.zip

R2.9.9009: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.9009.zip

R2.9.9015: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.9015.zip

R2.9.9016: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.9.9016.zip

R2.10.1001: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.10.1001.ziP

R2.10.1003: SPD_Research_Tool_R2.10.1003.zip

R3.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R3.0.0001.zip

R3.0.900: SPD_Research_Tool_R3.0.900.zip

R3.15.4901: SPD_Research_Tool_R3.15.4901.zip

R4.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R4.0.0001.zip

R6.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R6.0.0001.zip

R7.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R7.0.0001.zip

R8.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R8.0.0001.zip

R17.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R17.0.0001.zip

R19.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R19.0.0001.zip

R21.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R21.0.0001.zip

R22.19.1301: SPD_Research_Tool_R22.19.1301.zip

R23.0.0001: SPD_Research_Tool_R23.0.0001.zip

R23.19.3301: SPD_Research_Tool_R23.19.3301.zip

R23.19.5101: SPD_Research_Tool_R23.19.5101.zip

R24.0.0003: SPD_Research_Tool_R24.0.0003.zip

R25.20.3901: SPD_Research_Tool_R25.20.3901.zip

R27.22.4203: SPD_Research_Tool_R27.22.4203.zip


R27.23.1902: SPD_Research_Tool_R27.23.1902.zip – Latest

How to Use the Research Download Tool ?

  • Download the Firmware onto your computer now.
  • Transfer the file onto a drive on your computer.
  • Download the correct USB driver.
  • Download and install your USB Driver.
  • Download Research Download Tool.
  • Take advantage of our research-download Tool.
  • It is recommended that PAC documents be loaded from the downloaded flash folder.
  • Press and hold either Volume-up or Volume-down keys on your device when connected via USB Cable.
  • Click “Start Download/Upgrade Firmware” in the SPD Research Tool Tool to begin flashing.
  • Finally, wait for the process to finish and do not unplug your device until it has finished.
  • To guarantee quick success, the green circle must be prominently displayed.

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