Download SPD Flash tool (all versions) SpreadTrum CPU

SPD Flash Tool 2024: Users frequently experience difficulties flashing documents and carrying out other related tasks, but now thanks to the SPD Update Tool they don’t have to! With it’s help users can quickly flash device inventory firmware upgrades/downgrades/tweaks with ease – as well as providing instructions on flashing ROMs/firmware onto supported devices with complete instructions provided! In this guide we will also examine how well this tool performs along with flashing ROM/firmware instructions on supported devices – giving users more freedom in their daily lives!

Download SPD Flash tool (all versions) SpreadTrum CPU

The SPD flash tool Download (SpreadTrum flash tool) makes it possible for you to flash PAC firmware onto both Android and feature phone devices. We provide all versions of the SPD Upgrade tool here on this page – past as well as present!

What is SPD Flash Tool?

spd flash tool

The SPD Update Tool is used for flashing.pac and PC5 inventory firmware onto Spreadtrum devices, as well as configuring LCD settings, MCP Form, Read/Write/Erase active flash and reading/writing active flash. Flashing ROMs is made easier; just load your firmware file into the application, connect your device via PCs and hit Start; everything will be taken care of automatically by this instrument. Below are some notable features of this SPD Update Tool.

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Features of SPD Flash Tool

SPD Upgrade Tool has an intuitive user interface – simply load in your firmware file, and get ready to flash it onto your device!

Flash PAC Firmware on an Android or Feature Phone (basic phones): Use SPD Upgrade to access and add the file, then click Start Downloading Button to begin flashing its firmware onto your phone’s PAC firmware.

Flash P5C Firmware: P5C firmware allows for you to flash onto devices which use this specific type of firmware; as there are only limited devices using P5C firmware globally.

Other Options: This allows you to add multiple languages and customize the LCD (however these options will only function if a special NV file has been configured and used).

Download SPD Flash Tool (SpreadTrum)

SPD Flash Tool [All Versions]
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9001
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9005
SPD Upgrade Tool R2.9.9008
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9009
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9015
SPD Upgrade Tool R3.0.0001
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R4.0.0001
SPD Upgrade Tool R17.0.0001
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R17.17.1202
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R19.0.0001
SPD Upgrade Tool R21.0.0001
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R22.0.0001
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R23.0.0001
SPD Upgrade Tool R23.19.4001
SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R24.0.0003 (Latest)

How to Use the SPD Flash Tool:

  • Connect Your USB device to PC via a USB Cable
  • Now, extract the contents of this SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool that you have downloaded.
  • Use either WinZIP or WinRAR software for this task.
  • Once the pulling has completed, return to that folder and scroll until you locate UpgradeDownload EXE-file.
  • Simply double click this file, and your application will launch.
  • Start off by clicking on the Strain packet option located to your left, which should serve as your initial option at this stage.
  • Navigate to both of your downloaded files (.PAC file and PC5 firmware document). When ready, press ‘Open’ for each.
  • Once spd has downloaded your package, press on the Start Downloading button in its center position to initiate its download process.
  • Now the flashing process will commence and its progress can be tracked under the Progress section.
  • Once the process has completed, you should see a green “Passed” message in your menu bar and can click Stop to exit out of the program and remove your device from PC.
  • This guide details how to download and install the SPD Update Tool as well as its features, along with instructions for flashing.pac files or PC5 firmware onto Spreadtrum devices.

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