Bolt caster: Know everything about the charector

Bolt caster: “Explanation” The Bolt Caster is a deceptively powerful weapon that is constrained by a slow rate of fire. It was discovered among a hoard of supposedly ancient armaments. On hit, targeted foes have a chance to be shocked. This weapon is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced.

Bolt caster: Tactical Information

  • Because of its precision, the Bolt Caster is more powerful than a normal Assault Rifle.
  • Each attack has a chance to shock the target and is unavoidable.
  • Aliens with genetically enhanced abilities are particularly vulnerable to being stunned.
  • It fires one high-damage projectile at a time, but it must be reloaded after each use.
Bolt caster
Bolt caster

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Before the Bolt Caster can be upgraded to Magnetic or Plasma variants, the Alien Nest quest must be accomplished.

Negates When aiming, adversaries have a Dodge stat and related abilities.

Weapon Upgrades are not compatible with this character.

The Bolt Caster, unlike the Assault Rifle and Shotgun, does not suffer from Weapon Range penalties, making it more accurate at extended ranges. This, paired with its unique aim bonus, makes it exceptionally accurate.

Every hit has a chance to stun the enemy, though the possibility is considerably boosted when used on Alien Rulers.

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This gun’s single-shot capability renders it unsuitable for Overwatch.

Specialists, on the other hand, can employ the Bolt Caster in conjunction with Overwatch skills like Covering Fire and the Guerrilla Tactics School upgrade Cool Under Pressure to negate their overall poor damage potential. This increases their effectiveness, making them more likely to kill or stun opponents hit by Overwatch rounds. Their Guardian skill, on the other hand, is rendered ineffective.


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