Hades Weapon Tier List April 2024 New Update

Hades Weapon Tier List 2019-2024: If you want to step up your Hades game, here is an extensive list of weapons and how they rank among each other.

Compiling a Hades Weapons Tier List can be no small task given all its configuration possibilities; what works for one player may not work as effectively for another, and discussions over which weapons constitute Hade are likely to get heated.

Before we dive in, it should be made clear that this order of weapons presented here is simply subjective – do not interpret this article on Hades’ weapon elements as gospel truth.

Hades Weapon Tier List ranks weapons (April 2024)

Hades Weapon Tier List 2024 New Update
Hades Weapon Tier ListRank
Aspect of Beowulf (Shield of Chaos)Tier-S
Aspect of Chaos (Shield of Chaos)Tier-S
Aspect of Chiron (Heart-Seeking Bow)Tier-S
Aspect of Guan Yu (Eternal Spear)Tier-S
Aspect of Demeter (Twin Fists)Tier-S
Aspect of Zeus (Shield of Chaos)Tier-A
Aspect of Arthur (Stygian Blade)Tier-A
Aspect of Hera (Heart-Seeking Bow)Tier-A
Aspect of Poseidon (Stygian Blade)Tier-A
Aspect of Zagreus (Shield of Chaos)Tier-A
Aspect of Eris (Adamant Rail)Tier-A
Aspect of Rama (Heart-Seeking Bow)Tier-A
Aspect of Talos (Twin Fists)Tier-A
Aspect of Lucifer (Adamant Rail)Tier-B
Aspect of Zagreus (Heart-Seeking Bow)Tier-B
Aspect of Achilles (Eternal Spear)Tier-B
Aspect of Gilgamesh (Twin Fists)Tier-B
Aspect of Hades (Eternal Spear)Tier-B
Aspect of Nemesis (Stygian Blade)Tier-B
Aspect of Hestia (Adamant Rail)Tier-C
Aspect of Zagreus (Stygian Blade)Tier-C
Aspect of Zagreus (Adamant Rail)Tier-C
Aspect of Zagreus (Eternal Spear)Tier-C
Aspect of Zagreus (Twin Fists)Tier-C

Hades’ Arms Specifics: Weapon Tier List

Hades gives players a total of six weapon selections when the game first commences; one will automatically become unlocked once unlocked via Chthonic Keys, but five more weapons may quickly unlock by collecting additional keys.

Hades Weapon Tier List

These weapons should be easy to obtain; players only require a few quick runs before having access to all essential weapons.

As they improvement through the sport, but, game enthusiasts benefit get right of entry to to up to date guns called Aspects Hades weaponry that offer clean strategies when conducting fight. These weapons offer get right of entry to to up to date versions of guns already visible within Aspects Hades that provide more appropriate fight reports and approach improvement options for combat.

Aspects in this game represent separate weapons with distinct abilities and attacks; let’s begin by listing Hades’ arsenal.

Complete Weapon Rankings from S to Hades

Weapons at this rank are the game’s strongest. When players finally get their hands on them, runs should be a piece of cake.

Hades Weapon Tier List

In relation to Beowulf

The Aspect of Beowulf (Shield of Chaos) can serve both as the perfect finishing weapon and formidable foe on its own. By placing multiple Bloodstones behind this shield and performing Dragon Rush charge attacks to release them all at once.

Physically improving an Aspect allows players to increase damage and area by up to 100% for each Dragon Rush attack, though at a price. Players will incur 10% more damage, yet still experience considerable benefits.

Hades Weapon Tier List

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Chaos Shield

Are You Wishing for Extra Protection with Aspect of Chaos (Shield of Chaos)? That is exactly the purpose of this aspect; it enables weapon systems in games to fire multiple missiles simultaneously and protects players with this extra layer.

Through using the unique throw following the Bull Rush, players may employ multiple shields instead of just the traditional single shield in accordance with Aspect of Chaos. A +5 shield throw could utterly wipe out their foes for good.

Hades Weapon Tier List

Seeking Your Heart with a Bow

Avoid struggling with Chiron’s Heart-Seeking Bow Aspect by opting for one which ensures it’s near impossible to miss your virtual targets.

That is why Chiron is such a valuable ally; his Volley Fire attack always targets your last victim.

By the use of the Volley Fire assault, you can boom the maximum range of rounds fired to 8.

Hades Weapon Tier List Rankings: Tier A

Our Hades Weapons Tier List’s Tier A weapons are not the finest of the best, but they are still quite good.

Chaos Shield

At our conclusion, the Aspect of Zeus (Shield of Chaos) variant remains an underrated one. When activated, your Blitz Disc throw assault becomes your special weapon; moving slowly but eventually stopping game shield. After such time has lapsed it continues spinning around giving out maximum damage each and every time.

Hades Weapon Tier List

An progressive weapon, the Shield can nevertheless be used with regular assaults in addition to its in-recreation competencies, with it returning again at any moment with just the clicking of a key.

If your opponents are shifting slowly with excessive fitness bars, use the Blitz Disc towards them while you focus on fighting faster hordes.

A Stygian Sword

Beginning with the Stygian Blade – Arthur’s primary aspect – most players may never return to any other fundamental weapons once obtained; however, the Aspect of Arthur provides compelling argument to revisit swords such as it.

If you possess the Aspect, Hallowed Ground provides an area-of-effect special attack which slows time down, protects from traps, and grants additional Nova Smash attack buffs. When in it, time stops running out faster while your Nova Smash attack gets an increase.

Once equipped quickly, your total HP increases by approximately 50.

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Facet of Hera

Players may use the Heart-Seeking Bow and Hera’s Aspect of Hera to fire Bloodstones – Cast ammunition – from it more efficiently; every time it fires its next time will be stronger than before!

Furthermore, through improvements, Bloodstones could appear within five seconds of entering-game!

As long as a player’s primary weapon already contains ranged projectiles, they will likely not worry as much about casting assaults – this Aspect makes excellent use of what are often underutilized Cast attacks.

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Hades Weapon Tier List Rankings: Tier B

On this list of Hades’s level B weapons, there are no evil Aspects. Still, these aren’t ones that players should prioritise above S or A levels. The best that can be said of these weapons is that they are sufficient.

Although many fans would consider the Aspect of Lucifer to be the worst of the five, opinions on Adamant Rail, Lucifer’s defining characteristic, differ widely. However, we disagree, mainly because, with enough practise, this Adamant Rail weapon may be rather effective.

To replace the one-of-a-kind bombardment effect, this Aspect uses tiny floating Hellfire obs. When struck by the player or the adversary, they do twenty damage every second to nearby enemies and then explode.

When maxed up, this explosion may deliver up to 100 Blast Damage in-game. Keep dropping orbs in rapid succession, and then fire them for huge damage.

Seeking Your Heart with a Bow

Heart-Seeking Bow’s foundational form, Aspect of Zagreus, makes an admirable weapon. You may create your greatest attack by holding down on an assault and then unleashing all nine arrows simultaneously with one stroke in an arcing strike.

By carefully timing and looking out for flashes of lightning while charging an attack in from the right, Power Shot could become effective.

Once completely upgraded, this weapon boasts an admirable +15 percent critical attack probability and is highly reliable.

The Aspect of Achilles (Eternal Spear) uses its signature strike – an explosive throw – to unleash his weapon at its goal, returning at once again into your grasp when an assault or trendy attack is used again or you use an assault for that target.

However, when using Achilles Aspect’s (Eternal Spear), your weapon doesn’t return back to you after each use; rather than retreating as usual, players charge their foes instead while accruing damage boosts for four consecutive assaults – so basically when using this attack method you launch your spear, run quickly, then strike again more powerfully than before.

Hades Weapon Tier List from C

Hades Weapons Tier List: Part C which highlights some of the worst Aspects within the game, as well as providing options which surpass any Hades grade C weapon itself. However, none are absolutely terrible options that should be ignored outright.

The Aspect of Hestia (Adamant Rail) is the best item in tier C, yet it is just slightly more powerful than its original form. To make this Aspect effective, the player is prompted to reload their weapons often such that each subsequent shot in the clip is fully functional.

The Adamant Rail’s empowered shot, after being completely improved, can deliver 150 damage on its own, while the remainder of the clip consists of standard fire.

The only people this will appeal to are those that reload their games often. In all honesty, having one stronger shot in an otherwise equal magazine is not that impressive.

Something about the city of Zagreb (Stygian Blade)

Assuming you start out using an Aspect of Zagreus (Stygian Blade), attacks include standard strikes, dash strikes, three-hit combinations and slam attacks – each producing damage in specific spots in-game.

Beginning players should select this weapon with its basic move set as soon as they can, upgrading later when possible to more potency Aspects but, don’t overlook its usefulness for full runs; there’s no one weapon which cannot make an impression!

Something about the city of Zagreb (Adamant Rail)

Aspect of Zagreus (Adamant Rail) pistol magazines feature limited magazine capacity although you could increase it up to 12 bullets each clip if desired. We endorse not allocating excessive assets in advance within the route of this venture.

If you want to keep an arm’s length away from enemies, the bombardment special ability may inflict massive damage with an effective buff, yet lacks enough might to really create strife between players.

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