Looking for the Best Arena 3 Deck April 2024 (Clash Royale)

Best Arena 3 Deck 2024? Look no further for all your Clash Royale arena deck needs, including details on its main rival, the Top Arena 3 Deck.

Clash Royale success requires Arena 3 Decks. Learn Clash Royale in Arena 3, the Barbarian Bowl. This deck’s big tank works well in Arena 3, so we recommend it. Hope you’ll try it!

Looking for the Best Arena 3 Deck 2024 List Update

The Best Arena 3 Deck has Goblin, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Fireball, Skeleton, Spear Goblin, Giant, Valkyrie, and Barbarian—all defensive cards except the giant. Put one on either side of the giant to severely harm its tower!

Best Arena 3 Deck 2024-Defensive Uses for Each Card

  1. Goblin 2

Goblin 2 has the capacity for Elixir to frighten larger units such as Prince or Mini-P.E.K.K.A. Place them next to tanks so they can push over the edge, then watch your tower take down both with them.

  1. Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins are like sand decks for tanks. 3. When other Goblins cannot destroy similar tanks, spear Goblins can be invaluable as they shoot down airborne troops and minion before they get close to your tower – perfect for eliminating guardians before they arrive!

  1. Giants

Naturally, Giant isn’t a great piece of equipment for defense but it can be employed as a distraction. Make sure that all the troops that enter focus on the giant. put in other soldiers to eliminate the troops who have been who are distracted from the gigantic.

  1. Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is among the most valuable defense cards within this deck. Make use of Valkyrie to take on any group of low-HP soldiers such as Skeleton Army, Goblins, and Spear Goblins. Valkyrie could even eliminate barbarians if you play it right in close proximity to the tower.

  1. Barbarian

Witch is an ideal defender, especially if your base is behind her and she creates Skeletons before yours.


Mini-PEKKA is an offensive unit and could still deal severe damage to defense. MINI-PEKKA is the best choice when facing off against massive Skeletons and Valkyries; though their health may be depleted due to high damage from game mechanics, Knights still have some remaining strength.

  1. Fireball

Fireballs are only meant for taking down barbarians or minions in hordes. Don’t use fireballs against anything other than barbarians, minions, or even hordes; if you decide to use it against barbarians make sure you have another card in your arsenal that can quickly dispatch the minion horde otherwise you could end up in trouble quickly. Otherwise only use it against minion hordes.

  1. Skeletons

Skeletons make for an economical counter for such a large number of cards. It is cost-effective to move any troops that are in the middle of the map so both towers can destroy them. Skeletons also serve as great weapons against similar goblins like Knights and Princes that might have enrolled themselves as goblins.

Arena 3 Deck Offensive Uses for Each Card

Goblins The most efficient use of goblins in an offensive is by having them flank giants and shielding soldiers thrown at their faces.

MINI-PEKKA MINI-PEKKA for all lenses must be transported by the tower. Once upon a time, mini-P.E.K.A was the master of his domain but now that tower does some damage when touched, you’ll need something massive to shield him so he can fire at least two shots at your opponent’s tower without fear.


Fireballs are most effective for hitting an object. The main benefit is that you can kill soldiers who aren’t from the tower, especially when a witch or barbarian is played near it and you complete their kill with an effective fireball.


Skeletons aren’t particularly deadly, but they can defend a giant.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins, like Goblins, focus on the tower to defeat the Giant and limit harm. These strong demons can also damage the building slightly.


Giant’s plan involves climbing the wall while defending those in front of him, making him the ideal leader. Providing a tank to those behind Vishal secures him and may harm the tower at its topmost point.


Barbarian barbarians Barbarian decks need warriors. Place them on the giant to stop close units from attacking. If there’s no sealed flame, you can strike with barbarians!

Best Arena 3 Deck Builds

Here’s a listing of the best Challenger 3 decks that can be constructed with Arena 3 cards in the Barbarian Bowl.

Arena 3-Deck-Air And Ground Attack

  1. Bomber
  2. Goblins
  3. Arrows
  4. Barbarians
  5. Baby Dragon
  6. Minions
  7. Witch
  8. Knight

This deck utilizes both ground units and air units in its design. Ground troops such as Bombers, Knights, Barbarians and Goblins can take out opposing units on the ground while disrupting their attack plan. Up in the sky minions and infant dragons cause pain from above while resisting counterattacks against ground units of your enemies.

In addition to arrows or other air-based weapons your opponent will be focused on fighting what they have on the ground instead of handling your options in the air – giving you the advantage in this battle.

Best Deck For Challenger 3 – The X-Bow

  1. Minions
  2. X-Bow
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Goblin Barrel
  5. Arrows
  6. Rocket
  7. Tombstone
  8. Baby Dragon

This deck’s primary focus is using the X-Bow to take down towers. If placed correctly, an X-Bow can eliminate all life from an enemy’s tower if left in play. While it may appear boring at first glance, success depends on how your opponent uses their cards. You may defend X Bow from enemies with arrows or your own units such as Baby Dragon or Valkyrie.

Rocket is an expensive card that can cost a lot, but when used strategically it can drastically alter the course of play. At the end of a battle royale match when towers have taken heavy damage, strategically placed rockets could be key in stopping the game.

Best Deck Arena 3 – Big Army Beatdown

  1. Giant Skeleton
  2. Barbarian Hut
  3. Bomber
  4. Goblin Hut
  5. Spear Goblins
  6. Barbarians
  7. Goblins
  8. Arrows

Arena 3 The Clash Royale theme is Strength in Numbers. You can call several units per game and upgrade your potion with cards. Select Barbarian or Goblin Hut to fight your opponent with an endless supply of new units generated through cards – ClashRoyaleTooL.info provides all these powerful plan choices for players worldwide!

Playing cards that cover a large area can quickly eliminate your weaker units. Be prepared with another card in case of flame or dart attack. The main deck tank should always be the enormous Skeleton, as it deals immense damage when defeated – use this large Skeleton instead of prince or witch for maximum army power!


In this article we present the best Clash Royale Deck Challenger 3. If the new rush royale top deck arena 3 is launched, then we will keep this page updated so that you will always have the top update on the clash royale arena deck here.

We hope you will enjoy this arena 3 deck article. Make sure to bookmark this article to get the top Clash Royale Challenger 3 deck.

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