Looking for the Best Arena 3 Deck January 2023 (Clash Royale)

Looking for the Best Arena 3 Deck 2023? Then you’re in the perfect place. Here you can get the arena deck for Clash Royale, as well as full details on the most popular competitor, the Best Arena 3 deck.

It is essential to get the best Arena 3 Deck to succeed in the Clash Royale game. Arena 3, or the Barbarian Bowl, is the place to start learning how to play Clash Royale. When playing Arena 3, the best tank is the huge one, which we’ve constructed with this deck. This deck works well in Arena 3. I hope you’ll give it a go!

The three cards of The Best Arena 3 Deck include Goblin, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Fireball, Skeleton, Spear Goblin, Giant, Valkyrie and Barbarian. The deck includes most defensive cards, excluding the giant. You can put one of them on the side of the giant and seriously cause damage to the tower!

Looking for the Best Arena 3 Deck 2022 List Update

Recent Update-January 02th, 2023

Best Arena 3 Deck 2023-Defensive Uses for Each Card

1. Goblin

Goblin 2 has a great area of Elixir to frighten larger units, such as Prince as well as Mini-P.E.K.K.A. Set them up next to tanks to push over the edge and then have the tower knock the tower down with them as well. Goblins also excel in removing a massive moving toward your tower.

2. Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins are similar to this sand deck. 3. Make use of spear Goblins when the Goblins aren’t available to destroy similar tanks. Naturally, because spear goblins are able to shoot down airborne troops, they’re quite adept at destroying minions before the minions get you to the tower.

3. Giants

Naturally, Giant isn’t a great piece of equipment for defense but it can be employed as a distraction. Make sure that all the troops that enter focus on the giant. put in other soldiers to eliminate the troops who have been who are distracted from the gigantic.

4. Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is among the most valuable defense cards within this deck. Make use of Valkyrie to take on any group of low-HP soldiers such as Skeleton Army, Goblins, and Spear Goblins. Valkyrie could even eliminate barbarians if you play it right in close proximity to the tower.

5. Barbarian

Witch is fantastic to defend, particularly in the event that you position the base behind her so that she is able to create Skeletons when she is ahead of your base. The most appealing aspect of Witch is she has the ability to shoot air units, and she is able to deal splash damage, so she can kill hundreds of minion.


In addition, it is an offensive unit, mini-PEKKA. It could still cause severe damage to defense. MINI-PEKKA The best Soldier to use. Knights will be up against massive Skeletons and Valkyries. The high damage of the game is able to destroy all these soldiers . However, they have some remaining health.

7. Fireball

Fireballs are used to eliminate barbarians or minions in hordes. Don’t use fireballs to take down anything else than barbarians, minions, or even hordes. If you decide to use it against barbarians, make sure you have another card in your arsenal that will quickly take on the minion horde, or else you’ll find yourself in trouble. If not, make use of it only to take out minion hordes.

8. Skeletons

Skeletons are the ideal inexpensive counter for such a large number of cards. It is more cost-effective to move any troops that are in the middle of the map to ensure that both towers are able to destroy the troops. Skeletons are the best weapon to take out similar soldiers who are enrolled as goblins like Knights and Princes.

Arena 3 Deck Offensive Uses for Each Card

Goblins The most efficient way to utilize goblins in an offensive is to have them in the flank of giants, protecting soldiers who are thrown at giants’ faces.

MINI-PEKKA MINI-PEKKA for all the lenses. He must be transported by the tower. Once upon a time, mini-P.E.K.K.A. If you touch the tower, it’s totally gone. The tower does some damage when you reach the tower, so you’ll need the massive to shield him from harm so that he can fire at least two shots at your opponent’s tower.


In all likelihood, fireballs are best utilized for hitting an object. The main benefit is that you are able to kill soldiers that are not from the tower. The most value is when the witch or barbarian is played near the tower and you complete the kill with a great fireball.


Skeletons aren’t an excellent offensive option however, if you pair with a mammoth, they may be able protect the mammoth quite well. Skeletons also cause a significant quantity of harm when they land on the tower.

Spear Goblins:

Spear Goblins, just like Goblins, are fantastic for trying to concentrate on the tower in order to beat the Giant and decrease damage points. They’re also powerful enough to cause a bit of harm to the structure.


It is obvious that Giant is the best choice to attack, because his entire offensive plan is built around taking the Giant to the top of the tower while protecting the troops in front of him. The objective is to secure Vishal by offering a tank to troops behind him. The tank will also cause some damage to the tower when it is the top.


Valkyrie is among the most powerful cards for beating the giant. The Valkyrie is able to easily eliminate the barbarians using the giant as tanks and even ghosts that might appear to challenge the giant. In addition, Valk does incredible damage when you get him into the top of the tower.

Barbarians Barbarians Barbarians are the key elements to push using deck. You can put them on top of the giant to ensure that the spikes snuff out any other units nearby that may attempt to strike at the gigantic. It is also possible to attack with only barbarians. Just ensure that your opponent doesn’t have a sealed fireball in any area!

Best Arena 3 Deck Builds

Here’s a listing of the best Challenger 3 decks that can be constructed with Arena 3 cards in the Barbarian Bowl.

Arena 3-Deck-Air And Ground Attack

  1. Bomber
  2. Goblins
  3. Arrows
  4. Barbarians
  5. Baby Dragon
  6. Minions
  7. Witch
  8. Knight

This deck features a brutal design that combines ground units and air units. The ground is where Bombers, Knights, Barbarians and Goblins are able to be able to take out opposing units and disrupt the enemy’s plan of attack. In the middle of the sky minions and infant dragons cause the pain from above and be able to withstand counterattacks against the ground units of your adversaries. Apart from things like arrows and other air-based units Your opponent will be focused on what they are fighting on the ground, and is unable to handle your options on the air. which gives you the chance to take the victory.

The deck she uses gives additional ground support thanks to the Skeletons she summons. This allows her to add more power to her attacks as well as defenses, particularly when she must compensate and adjust to take on an opponent with more strength. The barbarians can certainly beat powerful troops on the ground because they’re not just strong on their own, but also come in a 4 pack.

Best Deck For Challenger 3 – The X-Bow

  1. Minions
  2. X-Bow
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Goblin Barrel
  5. Arrows
  6. Rocket
  7. Tombstone
  8. Baby Dragon

This deck has the primary focus is on making use of the X-Bow to take down towers. When an X-Bow is put at the right location, it could eliminate all life from the enemy’s tower if it is left in the field. It could be boring initially however, it is contingent on the strategy your opponent uses their cards. It’s possible to defend X Bow from enemies with arrows, or your own set of units, such as Baby Dragon or Valkyrie.

Rocket is an expensive card that can cost much, but placed at the right time can change the course of play. In the majority of cases, towards the end of a battle royale match, when the towers have been hit with a heavy amount of destruction, a strategically placed rocket could be the most crucial to stopping the game. The most effective options include Goblin Barrel and Tombstone, that can be used to take on a large number of troops on the battlefield to counterattack or provide an extra offensive push

Best Deck Arena 3 – Big Army Beatdown

  1. Giant Skeleton
  2. Barbarian Hut
  3. Bomber
  4. Goblin Hut
  5. Spear Goblins
  6. Barbarians
  7. Goblins
  8. Arrows

Arena 3 strength in number is the title of the game clash royale here. You not only have cards that will benefit your elixir but you also can summon several units to the battlefield with every game. You’ll need to take on your opponent with an ongoing flow of new units that enter the battlefield. There are two options: the Barbarian or Goblin Hut can be equally efficient in keeping the number of units high as well as having various cards to summon additional units. ClashRoyaleTooL.Info

The biggest issue is when you play cards that cover a broad region, which can defeat many or all of the units you are weaker. To prevent this from happening, have a backup card to protect yourself in the event you are hit by a fireball or an arrow. A massive Skeleton is the primary deck tank. It could damage the entire unit and even drop bombs when defeated. If you wish to have a huge number of troops on the field, you could swap it out for other cards, such as a prince or even witch. If you’re looking for more power for your army, you should stick to the huge Skeleton.


In this article we present the best Clash Royale Deck Challenger 3.. Use this guide to learn more about the top deck for barbarian bowl.

If the new rush royale top deck arena 3 is launched, then we will keep this page updated so that you will always have the top update on the clash royale arena deck here.

We hope you will enjoy this arena 3 deck article. If you have any queries, then leave a comment in the box below. Make sure to bookmark this article to get the top Clash Royale Challenger 3 deck.

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