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Gloomwood: The Time of Release 2022


Gloomwood: If you’re wondering when the game comes out, you’re at the correct spot. New Blood’s Gloomwood is characterised as ‘Thief with firearms,’ which will appeal to lovers of the classic immersive sim. Read on for Gloomwood’s release date.

Gloomwood Release Time

Gloomwood releases September 6, 6PM BST/10AM PST.


The game was planned to be released on August 16, but was delayed owing to numerous causes. The game may debut somewhat early on September 6, so check back for updates.

Gloomwood will be in Early Access on Steam, but if it’s anything like past New Blood titles, you won’t be short on material.

How Much Does Gloomwood Cost?

Dave Oshry, CEO of New Blood, just tweeted that the game costs $19.99. Based on pricing patterns, this presumably implies £14.99/€16.99 in Europe.


Players will also get a 10% discount, bringing the price down to $17.99/£13.49. This price will likely last two weeks, so now is the time to buy Gloomwood if you’re interested.
As it doesn’t have a price yet, you can’t preorder it, therefore you’ll have to wait until the Gloom wood release date.

If you’re thrilled, you’ll be ready to buy the game on September 6 with this information.

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