Elden Ring Turtle Shield: How to Get it & Location

Elden Ring Turtle Shield: If you are attacked by certain enemies, particularly bosses, they may have incredibly powerful strikes that, in the event that they are successful, may cause significant damage to your health bar. A shield is an efficient weapon that can deflect the fire of an adversary. Find out how to obtain the famous Great Turtle Shell Shield right here in this article.

Identified Location of the Elden Ring Giant Turtle Shield

The Great Turtle Shell Shield is one of many different shields, and it is a medium shield. A shield of a medium size can stop more hits than one of a smaller size, but the latter is more convenient to carry.

The user of the Great Turtle Shell Shield gains the power to protect themselves from potential attacks by creating a barrier around themselves. In order to strengthen one’s shield defense and assault, strength is required.

The Great Turtle Shield is located in the bottom left hand corner of the map that was just presented.

Elden Ring Turtle Shield

You can make your way to the top of the tower to your right by using the Wind Vortex, which can be found here. There is a cot with a dead body on it close to the cliffside that the tower is perched on. Once you are in range, select the Pillage Ruins option from the menu.


As a direct result of this, the Elden Ring Turtle Shield has reached its conclusion. Please keep in mind that this stage of the game’s development is fairly early, and that there is still a significant amount of territory to cover. Thank you. This walkthrough will be kept up to date with new information, playable characters, and strategies as they become available, as well as secure locations for in-game stuff to be stored.

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