Elden Ring Turtle Shield: How to Get it & Location

Elden Ring Turtle Shield: If you find yourself under attack from powerful enemies such as bosses, they could deliver devastating strikes which cause significant harm to your health bar if successful. A shield can help deflect their fire; read this article to discover how you can obtain the iconic Great Turtle Shell Shield!

Identified Location of the Elden Ring Giant Turtle Shield

The Great Turtle Shell Shield is one of several shield options, and represents a medium shield size. A medium size shield will typically stop more hits than smaller shields but may be easier for users to transport.

Users of the Great Turtle Shell Shield gain the power to defend against potential attacks by creating an impenetrable barrier around themselves. Strength is required in order to reinforce both shield defense and assault strategies.

The Great Turtle Shield can be found at the lower-left corner of this map that was just presented.

Make your way up the tower on your right with ease by using the Wind Vortex, found here. A cot containing a dead body lies nearby near where the tower rests upon the cliffside; once in range select Pillage Ruins option from menu.

Elden Ring Turtle Shield


As such Elden Ring Turtle Shield has reached its conclusion. Please keep in mind that this stage is relatively early in development of the game and there still much territory left to cover we will keep this walkthrough update with new information, playable characters, strategies as they come available as well as secure locations where in game stuff may be kept secure.

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