Valheim Armor Tier List (May 2024): Get Best Armor List

Are You Needing Armor in Valheim? Armor sets may offer protection, with each having unique advantages and drawbacks; here is a complete tier list with Valheim’s top choices for protection.

About Valheim Armor Tier List

Valheim is an engaging survival game that has quickly made waves within gaming culture. Players must traverse an expansive world filled with dangerous creatures and hostile environments while gathering essential resources necessary for survival – one essential feature being their character armor that provides extra protection. Finding an appropriate set can be daunting task which is why this article provides an extensive armor tier list to aid with making an informed decision.

Valheim Armor Tier List

Factors to Consider When Selecting Armor

Before diving into our armor tier list, it is crucial that we gain an understanding of what makes an armour set great. Here are a few items worth remembering when considering an armor set:

Durability Your armor’s durability is critical, as its ability to resist damage over time determines its lifespan and protection level. A more resilient set will last longer and offer better long-term coverage.

Resistances Wedge Armor sets provide various levels of protection. Some might offer more against fire damage while others could offer enhanced physical defenses.

Weight: Armor weight can play an enormous role in both movement speed and stamina consumption, offering greater protection while simultaneously slowing you down and draining more of your energy faster. Heavy armor may provide additional shielding but will sap faster from energy resources faster.

Set Bonuses Some armor sets offer set bonuses that offer additional advantages when worn together, such as increased damage or enhanced stamina regeneration. This could mean greater impact and greater recuperation ability.

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Valheim Armor Tier List

Now that we understand what makes an armor set great, let us examine its Tier list more closely. Starting from the highest set, let’s move down.


Wolf Armor The Wolf Armor set is considered the ultimate armor in Valheim. Not only does it provide excellent physical damage protection, its set bonuses increase both damage output and attack speed when fighting in low light situations – unfortunately its acquisition requires defeating Moder – Moder being Valheim’s final boss!

A-Tier: Draugr Armor

The Draugr Armor set is considered among Valheim’s premier armor sets, providing excellent physical damage defense while offering additional bonuses that accelerate stamina regeneration and lessen movement speed penalty when wearing heavy armor. Unfortunately, its acquisition requires defeating Bonemass boss; those without patience may find this set hard to come by.

B-Tier: Padded Armor

This armor set represents Valheim’s premier midgame set. Offering excellent physical damage defense as well as bonuses that enhance stealthiness and reduce noise production during movement, getting one will only require leather scraps and iron! Plus! To craft it!

C-Tier: Troll Armor

In Valheim, the Troll Armor Set is considered one of the premier early game armor sets. Offering good protection from physical damage as well as set bonuses which increase carrying capacity and decrease stagger duration, its production requires only Troll Hides and Deer Hides making its creation simple to accomplish.

D-Tier: Leather Armor

The Leather Armor set is Valheim’s weakest armor set, providing minimal physical protection and offering minimal set bonuses. However, physical damage coverage remains low with this armor set as there is minimal coverage from physical attacks.

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Mentions Although these armor sets are among the top available in game, there are some worth noting as honorable mentions:

Iron Armor

The Iron Armor set provides excellent physical damage protection with set bonuses to increase carry capacity and stamina drain when blocking with shields. Crafting it requires only some iron scraps and leather scraps!

Bronze Armor

The Bronze Armor set provides adequate physical damage protection while offering bonuses that increase jump height and decrease stamina consumption while running. Crafting it requires only bronze and deer hide; so its creation shouldn’t prove challenging!

Chainmail Armor

(aka Mail Armour or Mail Cloak Armor) can offer adequate physical damage protection while simultaneously increasing stealthily and decreasing noise when moving around. Crafting this device requires only iron or scrap metal; even children could easily make one out of play dough!

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FAQ About

What is the best armor set in Valheim?

The Wolf Armor set is considered the best armor set in Valheim due to its high protection against physical damage and powerful set bonuses.

What is the easiest armor set to obtain in Valheim?

The easiest armor set to obtain in Valheim is the Leather Armor set, as it only requires troll hides and deer hides to craft.

Can I mix and match armor sets in Valheim?

Yes, you can mix and match armor sets in Valheim to create a custom set that suits your needs.

Do armor sets affect my movement speed and stamina consumption?

Yes, the weight of your armor affects your movement speed and stamina consumption. Heavy armor sets may provide more protection but they also slow you down and drain your stamina faster.


Selecting an armor set that best meets your playstyle in Valheim can make all the difference between life and death. Use our Valheim Armor Tier List above as a guide, whether that means maximum protection or increased mobility; keep durability, resistance weight & set bonus in mind when making your selection decision.

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