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Headhunter Poe: This article will teach you about the Headhunter Leather Belt one of the most popular and expensive Path of Exile items. We will explain how to acquire it for your own purposes.

What is Headhunter poe exactly?

The Headhunter is an exclusive belt introduced in the Nemesis League that provides users with maximum map clearing speed when killing rare creatures such as Soul Eater or Proximity Shield. Many seek it because it’s rare. It’s expensive and hard to procure, so few can afford it.

headhunter poe

How to Get Headhunter poe: Best Ways

Best Way to Get Headhunter With the PoE 3.14 Patch The Nemesis Mod has been removed from Headhunter. On the one hand this solution makes it more accessible but it also leads to new requirement.

So how can you get your hands on Headhunter? There are plenty, and it’s difficult to pick the simplest or easiest among them because luck is the most important aspect – without it, nothing happens.

Obtaining a headhunter that understands league mechanics

Some leagues offer unique ways for players to earn the Headhunter belt, although even here, a lot depends on luck. Here are some ideas on how to acquire Headhunter:

  • Beastcrafting Einhar, our friend from the faraway land, possesses the unique skill “Create a Unique Belt,” which requires Farric Ape. Although chances are slim, you still have an opportunity to earn yourself the coveted Headhunter title!
  • Atznuatl Temple: You can exchange one unique item for another using the sacrificial chamber. However, the initial level will not suffice; either the second (Hall of Offerings), where league-specific uniques can be obtained, or the third level (Apex of Ascension), where you are much more likely to obtain a Headhunter in exchange for your random unique belt.
  • Incubators for Legion: Or rather, Time-Lost Incubator, one of them. It allows you to obtain an important unique item despite the fact that it is league-specific.
  • Headhunter in Path of Exile Incubator Ritual League Rewards for Lost Time
  • Yes, Headhunter can be obtained as a reward with tribute points; however, it’s expensive so you may need to defer it multiple times in order to obtain it. High-tier maps with plenty of content and blood-filled vessels will earn more points towards earning this item.
  • Clearing maps with active Nemesis mod is no longer required to obtain Headhunter (due to patch 3.14 changes). You now have a chance to gain Headhunter in all zones with a level of 40 or higher. But don’t get too thrilled because the chances of Headhunter being dropped are considerably lower than before.
  • Chancing. In order to get Headhunter, use Orb of Chance and Orb of Scouring on a Leather Belt. It takes 10-14k attempts on average to acquire a belt with this approach, so be patient and orbs (and you also need to have 20-30 white Leather Belts, because if you get another unique belt, you will need a new Leather Belt).
  • Headhunter in Path of Exile Chance’s Orb
  • Ancient Orbs for Reforging This approach requires Ancient Orbs and any Unique Belt, same like the previous one. The Headhunter belt takes an average of 400-450 attempts to obtain. To avoid mistakenly using the orb on the belt on which the Headhunter may roll, we recommend using numerous belts, say 4-5, and rolling in order on each.
  • Headhunter Ancient Orb in Path of Exile
  • Headhunter can only be acquired via trade, though prices fluctuate. You can check the current PoE trade prices yourself right now:

Which builds make use of Headhunter?

While Headhunter is pricey and improves clearing speed significantly, it is not required for any build. Physical or elemental builds, particularly bow builds, will have the greatest effect. Here are some instances of such structures:

  • Any cyclone builds;
  • For Bows – Ice shot or Tornado shot builds;
  • Blade Vortex builds;
  • Ethereal Knives or Kinetic Blast builds;
  • Any Cast on Crit builds.

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Above we have discussed the full process of Headhunter POE so you can use this knowledge to better comprehend the topic.

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