Error 2024: Path of exile unexpected disconnection

Path of Exile was released as a free-to-play online role-playing game by Grinding Gear Games in 2013 for Windows PCs, followed by Xbox One in 2017 and finally PlayStation 4 this year. Unfortunately however, many players continue to experience unexpected disconnection issues when trying out Path of Exile even years after release.

Many players have reported issues with Path of Exile randomly booting them out of their sessions; if this is happening to you, consider these solutions here. You could encounter such an error at any point and it can prevent you from continuing playing, whether slowly making progress through campaign or taking on monsters of higher difficulty levels.

Resolution for the Path of exile unexpected disconnection

Error 2023: Path of exile unexpected disconnection

Well, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what caused such an error in Path of Exile game; nonetheless it’s encouraging that some players have discovered quick solutions.

Since not all users are experiencing the same error, it seems likely that its source June lie with server issues. Notably, gamers were experiencing less frequent disconnections prior to installing recent patch updates – something which has since changed.

Alternative Solutions have included using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Others reported their issue vanished upon updating or reinstalling Nvidia drivers on PC, or by moving Path of Exile installation files onto an SSD rather than HDD for optimal results.

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Yes! A number of gamers were successful using this workaround successfully, and you June test its efficacy by activating V-Sync (G-Sync) for Path of Exile within Nvidia GeForce Experience software on PC. Reinstalling June not solve the issue entirely – until developers release an official patch to address your concerns this is your only real recourse.

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