Unveiling Cyclone Poe: A Powerful Melee Attack Explained

A cyclone is a channeled melee attack that hits all foes in a circular region surrounding the player quickly. During channelling, Cyclone adds phases that enhance its base radius. While channelling Cyclone Poe, the player can move about. The Cyclone can be used unarmed or with any melee weapon.

Cyclone Poe: Skills’ functions and interactions

The cyclone rotates at the same pace as the player and deals damage once per spin.

Cyclone Poe
Cyclone Poe
  • Melee Strike Range and Area of Effect: Cyclone has a base radius of 11 (independent of weapon range) + 1 radius for each channelling stage. sources (for example,
  • Cyclone’s area of impact will be increased by 8% for each 1 melee range with Warlord’s Reach. general area of effect modifiers have an impact on the whole area.
  • While channelling, the player is resistant to all knockback and moves at a 30% slower speed.
  • Bear traps will still stop people from moving. For the duration of the strike, characters can pass through adversaries (this is not considered phasing).
  • While dual-wielding, Cyclone will switch between weapons.
  • Multistrike Support: Multistrike does not support Cyclone (or any other channelled talent).


Cyclone Poe has been thoroughly described above with all relevant information and instructions included.

Aakash Srivastava
Aakash Srivastava
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