New Samsung Firmware Downloader is Free Cross Plateform Tool

Samsung Firmware Downloader ( SamloaderKotlin ): There are many reasons to download firmware manually for your device. Perhaps you’re trying to root your device and want to alter the firmware before flashing it. Maybe you want to download updates for your software early. However, many companies do not provide the means to download the firmware to install.

New Samsung Firmware Downloader is Free Cross Plateform Tool

The issue was with the downloading of Samsung firmware.

Samsung particularly likes to make it challenging to download updates manually. There’s a problem; for instance, there’s no Fastboot mode available on Samsung devices. It would help if you switched to Download Mode for flashing firmware and then used Samsung’s flashing software, Odin. After that, you must download the firmware file you wish to flash. If you attempt using the direct download from Samsung, the file will be secured.

Fortunately, encryption isn’t particularly secure, so the process that involves downloading firmware and then decrypting it directly through Samsung is a process that has been replicated numerous times. One example can be seen in the SamFirm software available for Windows. SamFirm has stopped working, but there are alternative programs like Frija that are functioning.

The biggest issue with most of these programs for downloading is that they’re all designed for Windows. What happens if you wish to download updates for your Galaxy device using the convenience of your Mac or Linux PC? It is possible to make use of one of the numerous firmware downloader sites available. These websites offer encrypted Samsung firmware that is downloaded for almost every Samsung device. You can search for firmware by model or filter by region and even check historical firmware versions.

However, storing all these files is costly. To ensure that they are maintained, many downloader sites limit the speed of downloads until you sign up for an account. Since Samsung’s firmware bundles are enormous (recent devices are as big as 7GiB), downloads on an overloaded connection can be pretty frustrating. There is always the option of paying for unlimited speeds. However, it’s not always feasible to do this.

My solution: Samsung Firmware Downloader

It’s back to square one. How do you get firmware downloads directly from Samsung even if you don’t own a Windows PC? Use Samloader, a command-line application that can be run on any device that Python 3 is installed. Samloader can find the latest firmware on your gadget, download the firmware, and unlock the firmware that you have already downloaded to know the suitable model, region, and firmware string.

Samloader is quite good because it’s a cross-platform way to download Samsung firmware. However, not all users like to work with commands. Installing Python on macOS can be unclear; for example, keeping up with all the required controls can be a challenge.

So I created a GUI. The exceptionally initially named Samsung Firmware Downloader is a cross-platform, graphical firmware downloader designed for Samsung. In essence, it’s a visual wrapper for Samloader; however, all of the logic has been written in Kotlin. There are other capabilities.

Samsung Firmware Downloader Features

There was quite a bit of build-up to this, but I hope that it was at the very least useful. Let’s discuss Samsung Firmware Downloader. Let’s start with the title.


Samsung Firmware Downloader SamloaderKotlin, is an awful name. It’s too generic and also quite long. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them…

Platform Support

As I mentioned earlier, Samsung Firmware Downloader (SamloaderKotlin) can be described as cross-platform. It’s possible to run it with Windows, Linux, macOS as well as Android. To accomplish this, I’m using a combination of Kotlin Multiplatform and Android’s Jetpack Compose and JetBrains, Compose to run on Desktop. Kotlin Multiplatform and JetBrains Compose are in the early stages of design. However, they’re good enough to be a basic GUI.

At present, JetBrains Compose can only create executables compatible with the platform they were designed on. That means I’m unable to present any macOS builds because I don’t own the Mac. If you possess access to a Mac and would like to contribute, let me know. In the end, JetBrains Compose should let me create on Mac using the Windows machine, but that’s not happening ever going to happen.

Source Code

If you’ve followed one of the links listed above, you might have seen that Samsung Firmware Downloader is an open-source program. The software is licensed by MIT and is accessible to modify and use.


What exactly can Samsung Firmware Downloader accomplish? I’ve talked about it in the past, and here are more details.

Check for Updates

Place your model and the region into the appropriate fields on the view of Downloader ( SamloaderKotlin ) . Then select “Check for Updates.” The app will connect to Samsung’s server and display the most current firmware version and the version of Android it’s on.

Updates for download software

Samsung Firmware Downloader SamloaderKotlin

If you’ve looked for updates in the Viewer view, click the Download button to begin downloading the firmware ( SamloaderKotlin ) . Please select a location, and the application can download and decrypt that firmware on its own.

If you have the firmware, you’d like to download, click to the “Manual” checkbox and enter it, as well as the model and the region. After that, you can click “Download,” and the app will handle everything else.

It is important to remember that the encrypted firmware will not be removed automatically once it’s decrypted. You’ll have to delete it manually.

Samsung Firmware Downloader can also alter the names of firmware files to include the model, version, firmware version, and the region it represents. However, you can change the name to whatever you like.

Finally, the Samsung Firmware downloader can begin downloading again. If your device crashes or you closed the application, type in the information again and click “Download,” choose the identical directory (confirming any possible replacement prompts). The download will resume exactly where it ended.


Samsung Firmware Downloader SamloaderKotlin

If you have an encrypted firmware file, you can use Samsung Firmware Downloader ( SamloaderKotlin ) to decrypt it. Enter the model, region, and firmware version corresponding to the encrypted file, then select the file to decode, hit the “Decrypt” button, and the app will take care of the rest.


This is an experimental feature that was removed later on. The History view shows the complete list of firmware versions available for a given model and region. It then displays them to you.

If you want to download a specific firmware from the list, hit the “Download” button. You’ll be redirected to the Download view with the information already filled in. Then you can just hit “Download.”

If you have a file to decrypt, you can find the corresponding firmware in this list and hit the “Decrypt” button. You’ll be redirected to the Decrypt view, where you’ll need to choose the correct file and hit “Decrypt.”

SamloaderKotlin  Mobile app


Name: Samsung Firmware
Size: 49MB
Link: Github

So how do you get Samsung Firmware Downloader ( SamloaderKotlin ) ? Visit the release page in the GitHub repository. Each release includes resources for Android, Windows, and Linux (and in the future, macOS).

For Android, you can download it. Android, download the APK to install and then run it. Windows, Download the ZIP file, extract it, and then run the EXE. Linux, you need to install and unzip the ZIP file, enter the bin directory, launch the terminal, and start ./SamsungFirmware Downloader.

Hopefully, Samsung Firmware Downloader makes your experience downloading software updates even more accessible. I’m always looking for suggestions for new features (within reason), so be sure to head over to the issues page and request a part or report a bug if you don’t see it there already.


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