Guide of gang beasts controls for PS4, Xbox one and PC

Guide of gang beasts controls for PS4, Xbox one and PC: The chaos that four players are in when you play Game Beasts will be the best of the best, and however, if you’re a novice and aren’t familiar with the controls and controls, you could have a rough ride.

This article is for anyone who has had a bad experience and would like to beat their loved ones on the ground.

We’ll separate them by the method of control (PS4 controllers, Xbox One controller, keyboard and mouse). For most gamers, those using the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are most comfortable; however, using a keyboard and mouse is comfortable and can even provide advantages compared to controllers.

Guide of gang beasts controls for PS4, Xbox one and PC

PlayStation controller

  • Jump: X
  • run: X (Hold while pressing an arrow)
  • Sit: (Hold while being still)
  • Kick: Square
  • Lie down: Square (Hold)
  • Duck: Circle
  • Crawl: Circle (Hold)
  • Headbutt: Circle
  • Lift: Triangle
  • Taunt: Triangle
  • Left punch/grab L1
  • Right punch/grab R1

Additionally, you can utilize the D-pad for changing camera angles and R2 to change your camera’s focus when you are watching.

Xbox One controller

  • Jump: A
  • RUN: A (Hold while pressing an arrow)
  • Sit (Hold while staying still) (Hold while remaining still)
  • Kick: X
  • Lie down: X (Hold)
  • Duck: B
  • Crawl: B (Hold)
  • Headbutt: B
  • Lift: Y
  • Taunt: Y
  • Left-hand punch/grab LB
  • Right-hand punch/grab RB
  • Rotate among spectating players:

For gang beasts controls in xbox additionally, you can utilize the D-pad for changing cameras angles and RT to change your focus while spectating.

PC Keyboard

When using the keyboard, a thing to remember is that when you don’t have mechanical keyboards, you will not press three keys at once. That is a standard hardware limitation and something you should be conscious of when playing Gang Beasts, precisely due to how frequently you must use multiple keys at once.

Apart from that, however, the keyboard has certain advantages (mainly when you’re playing by yourself) that we’ll explore.

  • Movement: WASD
  • Jump: Space bar
  • RUN: Space bar (Hold while pressing the direction)
  • Sit Bar of space (Hold while you are still)
  • Kick: M
  • Lay down M (Hold)
  • Duck: Ctrl
  • Crawl: Ctrl (Hold)
  • Headbutt: Ctrl
  • Lift: Shift
  • Taunt: Shift
  • Left Punch/Grab: key or left mouse button
  • Right Punch/Grab: Right mouse button or key
  • Rotate among spectating players:

Here are the PC/keyboard-exclusive bindings:

  • Next camera angle: Right arrow key
  • Previous camera angle: Left arrow key
  • Game speed up: + key (can be repeatedly pressed)
  • A game that slows down: Key (can be repeatedly pressed)
  • Revert to average rate: 0
  • Spawn pulling or pushing for force. 1~2 keys
  • Props from Spawn: 3~7 keys
  • Spawn adversaries: Shift or Ctrl with numbers 18
  • To toggle night and day: F1


There are a lot of combinations available that are available in the Gang of Beasts. We won’t go through all of them in this guide of gang beasts controls. However, we’ll look at a few of them to help you get to get started.

  • Dropkick Jump, tap Kick.
  • Climb. Hold both arms with both fingers, and then press jump.
  • Flip Back: Jump, press and hold for a second. the Kick
  • Powerslide Keep kicking and crawling while keeping a position

Here are a few of the moves you can perform with the Gang Beasts to get the most out of the terrain and impress your adversaries. There are several more, but they will reveal when you play and get to control them.

As of the writing time, Gang Beasts is available by players on PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4. Other games compatible with Nintendo Switch or Xbox One are still waiting, but we’ll get news by the end of 2018.

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