Boring Operation DMZ Full Guide: How to kill 6 Riot Shield wielding enemies with Drill Charges

Boring Operation DMZ Full Guide: Operation Boring is a brand-new DMZ mission added in Call of Duty Warzone most recent update. To complete it successfully, players must go undercover and gather crucial intelligence from the enemy. In this guide we’ll give you all the details on how to complete Operation Boring successfully.

How to finish the Boring Operation mission in the DMZ

  • Kill 9 enemies with Drill Charges.
  • Destroy 3 vehicles with Drill Charges.
  • Kill 6 enemies who are using Riot Shields with Drill Charges.

Before you begin playing a DMZ match, make sure to equip the Drill Charge as your lethal weapon of choice for the mission. Furthermore, equip the Munition Box field upgrade so that you can replenish your lethals as needed. If ammo boxes run out, more can be purchased from Buy Stations for $1000. Your first goal is to eliminate nine enemies using provided equipment; attach Drill Charges to bots or throw them near targets such as on walls or floors.

Boring Operation DMZ Full Guide: How to kill 6 Riot Shield wielding enemies with Drill Charges

How to kill 6 Riot Shield wielding enemies with Drill Charges?

As you may already be aware, within Strongholds and other restricted areas on the map, you can come across Riot Shield enemies. Strongholds are locked spaces guarded by enemies and can only be accessed by using Stronghold Keycards, which you can obtain by eliminating bots. However, in this instance, acquiring the keycard is unnecessary.

Previous observations suggest that Riot Shield enemies cannot be defeated easily by attaching Drill Charges to their shields. Thus, the best approach is to locate a Stronghold and throw a few Drill Charges onto the outer walls of the structure to eliminate the enemies inside, including those with Riot Shields. Each Stronghold typically contains two of these guards, so you will need to attack several buildings to complete the Boring Operation mission.

Final Words

Eliminating six riot-shielding enemies in DMZ operation is no small task, but with the right strategy and approach it’s achievable. Our guide has given you everything you need to win this task. Follow our tips, select an optimal loadout, and take a strategic approach – and you’ll be well on your way to victory.

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