GTA Vice City Cheats (May 2024): All Cheat For Car, Bike & More

Grand Theft Auto Vice City fan? Want to access everything? Look no further – in this article we wil be exploring the top GTA Vice City cheats and tricks that can improve your gaming experience. From weapons and vehicles to invincibility and weather control we have it all covered so that you can maximize every aspect of this thrilling title.

What Are GTA Vice City Cheats?

Before discussing what exactly a cheat is, let us first define its function. In Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheats are codes you can enter to unlock features and abilities in-game. They can be entered via various methods including typing them during gameplay or using an outside device such as cheat devices; once activated they provide various advantages from unlocking new weapons to making you invincible!

GTA Vice City Cheats

Top GTA Vice City Cheats

Now that we know how to enter cheats, let’s talk about the best ones to use in GTA Vice City. Here are some of our top cheat codes:


Cheat CodeEffect
THUGSTOOLSUnlocks a set of basic weapons
PROFESSIONALTOOLSUnlocks a set of advanced weapons
NUTTERTOOLSUnlocks a set of heavy weapons
ASPIRINERestores your health to full

Gta vice city cheats car

Cheat CodeEffect
ROCKANDROLLCARSpawns a limousine
GETTHEREQUICKLYSpawns a fast car
THELASTRIDESpawns a hearse
FLYINGWAYSMakes cars fly


Cheat CodeEffect
PRECIOUSPROTECTIONGives you full armor
LEAVEMEALONELowers your wanted level
BIGBANGCauses an explosion
CATSANDDOGSChanges the weather

How to Enter GTA Vice City Cheats

Now that we understand what GTA Vice City cheats are let us explore how to access them. There are few different method depending on your gaming platform here are the most popular ones:


If you are playing GTA Vice City on a PC entering cheat codes is easy! Simply type the desired cheat code into the keyboard during gameplay to activate it – for instance to spawn a Rhino tank, type in “panzer” and hit enter.

PlayStation and Xbox

On PlayStation and Xbox consoles cheats can be entered using the controller. Pressing certain button combinations during gameplay activates the cheat; for instance, “R1, R1 Circle, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.”

Mobile Devices

If you are playing GTA Vice City on a mobile device the on screen keyboard allow for cheat entry. Simply tap in the code during gameplay to activate it.

Now that we know how to enter cheat into GTA Vice City let us discuss the best ones to use.

Utilizing Cheats Responsibly

Cheats can enhance your gaming experience, but be wary when using them. Cheating can diminish the challenge and satisfaction of completing games on your own while leading to glitches or other issues; furthermore using cheats in online multiplayer modes could result in bans or other adverse actions should you get caught.

However, using cheats is perfectly permissible to maximize game potential. Just ensure to save your progress before using any cheat and don’t rely on them too heavily.

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FAQs About GTA Vice City Cheats

Are There Any Consequences of Utilizing Cheats in GTA Vice City?

Cheating can cause glitches and other issues while using them online multiplayer modes could result in bans or other negative repercussions.

Does Utilizing Cheats Ruin the Satisfaction of Completing the Game on Your Own?

Cheating can take away from the challenge and satisfaction of completing a game on your own so it is essential to use them responsibly.

Can cheats be used in online multiplayer modes?

No. Cheats should not be utilized in this manner to avoid bans or other negative repercussions.

What platforms can GTA Vice City codes be used on?

GTA Vicecity cheats can be used on a variety of platform such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile devices.

Can the activated cheats be deactivated once activated?

Cheats can be deactivated by entering the code again or refreshing the game. Unfortunately some cheats may have permanent effects which cannot be reversed.


GTA Vice City cheats offer gamers an enhanced gaming experience. From weapons and vehicles, abilities, weather controls and weather controls there’s an array of cheats at your disposal; just be mindful that they are used responsibly so as not to become over-dependent on them!

Use cheats to unlock new game areas and enhance your gaming experience – but please have fun while being responsible and remember to have lots of fun while testing!

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