Echoes of Mana Tier List (May 2024): Unlock new characters

Are you an Echoes of Mana enthusiast searching for the ultimate tier list to help master this game with ease? Look no further – we have an exhaustive tier list just for Echoes of Mana players!

In this article we’ll explain everything there is to know about Echoes of Mana Tier Lists from their definition to how they can be utilized. So grab your controller and let’s discover the world of Echoes of Mana together!

What Is a Echoes of Mana Tier List?

A tier list is an organizing system which ranks game characters or heroes based on their performance and usefulness in-game. Tier lists have become popular within gaming circles as they allow players to select the top hero during battle.

Echoes of Mana Tier List

Utilizing a Tier List

To use a tier list effectively, you must understand the rankings and categories of heroes. S-tier heroes are the best and most useful in game, while F-tier heroes help little.

When selecting heroes to use in the game always prioritize S-tier and A-tier heroes as these are the top performers.

Echoes of Mana Tier List

Now you will understand what tier list is and how to utilize it let us take a closer look at the Echoes of Mana tier list

S-Tier Heroes

S-tier heroes are the best of the game and highly recommended for use. They possess superior skill & abilities making them powerfuls player within Echoes of Mana. Some of these S-tier heroes include:

ShilohDark Sword
PopoiFire Boomerang

A-Tier Heroes

The A-tier heroes in Echoes of Mana are highly valuable allies with impressive skills and abilities. While not as powerful as the S-tier heroes these A-tier heroes still come highly recommended for use. Here is a list of all A-tier heroes found in Echoes of Mana:

SumoLight Sword
KevinThe Beast Within
LarcThe Conqueror
HoneycombKightly Aspirations
Dark LordRuler of the Realm
Crimson WizardFlaming Dark Magic
AngelaWater Staff

Angela: Angela is a powerful mage with powerful magical abilities. She deals devastating damage to enemies, making her invaluable in battle.

Kevin – Kevin is a legendary warrior hero with formidable attack skills. His attacks can cause massive destruction to enemies, making him highly effective in battles.

Echoes of Mana B Tier List

B-tier heroes are average and possess decent skills and abilities. Although not as powerful as S-tier and A-tier heroes they can still prove useful in battle. Some examples of B-tier heroes in Echoes of Mana include:

RieszWind Polearm
DuranEarth Sword
Lady BlackpearlJumi’s Finest
JuliusTactical Mage of Manipulation
MousselineQue Sera Sera
DuffleFull Dream Ahead
TambaDarting Dancer

Mana tier list – C Tier

C-tier heroes are the least useful heroes in the game having average or below-average skills and abilities. Therefore they should not be used during battles.

SerafinaEarth Bow
FerrikEarth Sword
LudgarDark Glove
HawkeyePride of Thieves
RandiLight Sword
AmandaWind Knife
CharlotteLight Flail
LekiusFire Bow

D Tier: Characters

SierraUnyielding Loyalty
PrimmLovely Rowdy Lass
NiccoloWind Glove
KeldricGuided by the Great Tree
RaxaSwashbuckling Supreme
KevinEarth Clove
ElazulYoung Jumi Knight
WandererEarth Polearm
Ebon KnightFantasy Slayer
EscadBeholder of Justice
ThanatosDark Staff

Tips for Selecting Heroes

Selecting the correct heroes in Echoes of Mana is essential for success in the game. Here are some guidelines to help you pick out the ideal hero:

  • Always opt for S-tier and A-tier heroes as they are the top performers in the game.
  • When selecting your hero for battles take into account what type of healer you require. Cleric heroes are ideal in this regard.
  • Gain insight into the hero skill & abilities as well as how they can be applied during battle.
  • Experiment with different heroes to find those that best suits your playstyle.

How do you unlock new characters in Echoes of Mana?

To unlock a character in Echoes of Mana, you must spend 3000 Crystals. Your investment will grant 10 pulls – but only one will be a three-star player.

Due to the Gacha-mechanics present in Mana series, however, you will only unlock characters based on how much money you are willing to invest.

FAQ About Echoes of Mana Tier List

What does tier list in Echoes of Mana mean?

Tier lists rank game characters and heroes by achievement and usefulness.

How Can I Utilize the Echoes of Mana Tier List?

To effectively utilize this list, be aware of the rankings and categories for heroes. Always prioritize S-tier and A-tier heroes since these are the top performers in the game.

Which Heroes Are the Best in Echoes of Mana?

S-tier heroes are considered the best characters in Echoes of Mana and include Lufia, Duran, and Carlie.

Can C-tier Heroes Be Used in Echoes of Mana?

No C-tier heroes should not be utilized in battle due to their below average skills and abilities.

What tips can help me select the ideal Heroes in Echoes of Mana?

Think about which type of hero you need for battles assess their skills and abilities then experiment with different player until you find ones that suit your playstyle best.


Echoes of Mana Tier List provides players with an invaluable tool for selecting ideal heroes for battle. While S-tier and A-tier heroes tend to be popular choices due to being among the top performers, i t is vital that player s fully comprehend each heros skillset s and abilities before selecting their hero for combat.

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