South Park Tier List April 2023: Reroll Guide


South Park Tier List 2023: Ubisoft’s South Park video games are based on the beloved animated television show of the same name and are known for their irreverent humor vulgar language and adult themes. Players take control of one of South Park main character to explore an imagined town called South Park Colorado while completing quest and fighting enemies along the way. South Park: The Fractured but Whole, released in 2017, has a new plot and improved game mechanics.

South Park Tier List

South Park Tier List April 2023


  1. Randy Marsh
  2. Eric Cartman
  3. Butters Stotch
  4. Token Black


  1. Stan Marsh
  2. Kyle Broflovski
  3. Wendy Testaburger
  4. Craig Tucker
  5. Jimmy Valmer
  6. Tweek Tweak


  1. Timmy Burch
  2. Chef
  3. PC Principal
  4. Terrance and Phillip
  5. Mr. Garrison
  6. Sheila Broflovski
  7. Mayor McDaniels


  1. Clyde Donovan
  2. Bebe Stevens
  3. Heidi Turner
  4. Liane Cartman
  5. Towelie
  6. Pip Pirrip


  1. Scott Malkinson
  2. Token’s Girlfriend
  3. Kevin Stoley
  4. Red

South Park Tier List Video Tutorial

Reroll Guide:

  1. Strive to acquire one of the S-Tier characters. The game’s most potent and versatile characters are them.
  2. If you can’t locate an S-Tier character, why not consider one of the A-Tier characters instead? They are powerful and useful in many scenarios.
  3. B-Tier characters offer a strong pull, but aren’t quite at the level of higher tier characters. Use them if you need additional players on your team or their skill set is beneficial.
  4. If you receive a character of C-Tier or D-Tier level, it’s best to reroll. These characters won’t provide much assistance in battle and will prove ineffective as part of your team.
  5. Don’t be afraid to reroll multiple times for the character you desire. Starting strong is much preferable than dealing with weaker players down the line.

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