Top 20 free anime websites: See latest anime websites 2023

Top 20 free anime websites: Are you looking for a place to watch anime for free online in 2023? Well, I’d want to watch anime on the internet. However, because there is a lot of bogus content on the internet, it’s a little tough to identify legitimate websites. I know you’re also keen to know where you can watch anime and download it. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest free anime streaming websites in this article.

Free anime websites: About

For all people, entertainment is a must-have! Movies and television shows have proven to be some of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment. It appeals to each of us in our own unique way. Anime sites work in the same way as movie download sites. However, some people enjoy serious films or television shows, while others prefer action. Anime is one such category. Because it originated in Japan, it is also known as “Japanism.” It is a hand-drawn or computer-generated comic that is then broadcast worldwide.

Free anime websites

It’s tough to find all of these anime series’ episodes in one location and to have them available when they’re broadcast on television. However, some websites offer free streaming of these anime episodes, so you can watch them whenever you want! Let’s have a look at these sites and see what they have to offer.

Top 22 Free Anime Streaming Websites (Full-HD)

These anime websites are also available in Korean and Japanese. Instead of downloading these cartoon series, I recommend that you watch them immediately on the websites.


As the name implies, this website is totally dedicated to anime shows. It only shows those who have been licensed by American corporations.

Free anime websites

Furthermore, viewers are not bombarded with irrelevant and obnoxious commercials. If you have the appropriate gear, you can stream your event in as high as 1080p resolution! It broadcasts shows including Trigun, Kite, Spice, and Wolf, among others.

2. Gogoanime.IO

This is one of the anime streaming service websites since it is well-organized. On this website, you will find numerous categories such as “New Season,” “Popular, “Movies, and so on.

Free anime websites

You can also use the search bar to look for a specific anime show or movie by typing its name into the box.

3. Animestreams.NET

Even so, this is a well-maintained website with categories for both completed and ongoing anime series. When compared to most anime streaming services, the number of advertisements that appear here is relatively low.

Free anime websites

One unique aspect of this website is that if you don’t see a show you like, you may request it by filling out a form! It also has dubbed and subbed animation in English.

4. Chia-Anime

This is one of the world’s most popular anime streaming websites. This is owing to its superior speed when compared to the majority of websites. It is thought to be ten times faster than other websites. On this website’s home page, you’ll find all of the most recent anime series.

Free anime websites

You can also look for a show based on the first letter of the title. On the home screen, all of the alphabets are presented, and you must select the required alphabet by clicking on it. It offers high-quality anime in English with subtitles or dubbed. This website also allows you to download anime shows.

5. AnimeSeason.COM

This website’s user interface is pretty appealing! and one of the best anime streaming sites on the internet. Additionally, consumers are not subjected to intrusive advertisements or pop-ups. This website has video players embedded in it that allow viewers to watch anime series with captions or animations.

This website does not have a search bar, but all of the shows are well-organized and easy to find. Even here, the shows are labeled as “Completed” or “Ongoing.”

6. Hulu.Com

Hulu Anime is one of the greatest anime websites for watching anime videos online. Hulu has a vast selection of anime films, television shows, and original Hulu series. Regardless, if you were hoping for extra content on the website, you should consider going to the Hulu website.

However, the website is not entirely free; you must pay a small fee to view select paid performances. The monthly subscription, on the other hand, is reasonably priced and includes a 30-day free trial. As a result, you can get advice from the service before purchasing a plan.


Anime Freak is another excellent free anime streaming site on the internet. The website’s finest feature is that it is absolutely free to use. This site is for anime monsters like you, as the name implies.

You will, however, view advertisements. Aside from the advertisements, the website contains over 10,000 episodes of various anime shows. So, if you’re looking for free access to a website where you can watch free anime series, I recommend


Kissanime is another popular anime streaming service in 2020 that offers free access to all of the website’s content. The website offers high-definition anime videos, mega series, cartoons, and a lot more. You may also watch videos in a variety of resolutions, including 240p, 720p, and 1080p.


One of the top anime streaming sites, Anime Manga, broadcasts the most recent popular animated series. User interference is quite simple on the website.

The best thing about the website is that there aren’t many advertisements. The site is completely free to use, yet it appears to be premium. The site’s content is well organized. This is a website that you must visit.


When it comes to internet transmission of programs, the name Netflix comes up frequently. Netflix is one of the most widely used internet video streaming services. It is not, however, free; if you purchase a subscription, it will be a wise option. There are several original productions as well as TV shows on the internet.

You will also receive the anime series. On anime videos, the website also allows you to change the audio from Japanese to English. You’ll also get subtitles. So, if you’re looking for a safe place to view anime videos, look no further. Then Netflix is a great option for you. As a result of these factors, Netflix takes the top spot in a list of the best anime streaming sites.


Crunchyroll is another excellent service that provides access to over 20,000 episodes of various anime programs. The website features both live-action and Korean dramas. The website is absolutely free to use in order to watch anime online.


Funimation is well-known for having one of the most comprehensive libraries of anime across all genres. It is one of the most popular anime streaming websites in North America.

It’s a completely free platform that allows you to access any type of material. Simply sign up for an account on the site and you’re good to go. All of 2023’s top animated series are available on Funimation in multiple languages with subtitles.


If you’re seeking a specific animated series and can’t find it anywhere online, this is the place to go. After that, you have the option of using the SideReel.

Because It functions as a search engine that only returns results for animated series. Simply type in the title of the show and it will return the top results. Then, by clicking on a link, you’ll be taken to the animated series.


Moving on to the next moniker, we’ve chosen the Anime Heaven website as the following idea: In this list of anime streaming sites, the site is absolutely free. All of the popular animated series, current series, cartoons, and films are available.

It allows users to download videos at various quality levels. So, if you’re seeking a website that allows you to not only download but also stream videos, Anime Heaven is a perfect option.


Watch Anime is a fantastic website for watching English-language animated series. The videos can be viewed for free on the internet. Another plus is that the website provides high-definition video streaming.

With the best website administration, the website delivers a daily animated series. The website is updated on a daily basis with the most recent anime shows.


The best source to get anime series, anime movies, and Korean dramas is Anime Nova. Daily episodes of anime series, cartoons, and movies are available on the internet.

The website includes anime versions that have been doubled. The website’s best feature is that it offers high-quality videos. There are some advertisements, but they are not boring. You’ll have a good time with the visuals.


Another wonderful resource for streaming full episodes of practically any animated series is Anilinkz. Daily animation series with high-quality videos are available on the website. However, you will not be able to download videos because there is no download option. The website’s best feature is that all of the videos are dubbed in English.


Narutoget is the most popular online platform for watching safe anime series. There are also anime movies and manga on the website. The website has the original Naruto Shippuden, often known as Naruto in English, as well as a manga collection and movies.

The website contains high-quality videos, but they cannot be downloaded.The site, on the other hand, is absolutely free to use. Fans of the Naruto anime series number in the millions. If you enjoy the Naruto anime series, you should visit this website.


Anime Ultima is another amazing internet resource for English-language animated streaming shows. The website’s finest feature is that it is absolutely free to use. All of the popular animated programs are available on the internet. Aside from animated programs, the website also has a selection of well-known animated films.

The website, however, does not include a download button. Regardless, you will receive high-quality films. The website has fewer advertisements, resulting in a better user experience. As a result, the site has become one of the most popular places to watch anime movies on the Internet. If you don’t want to view advertising while watching anime, this is the site for you.


MasterAni is also one of the greatest places to watch high-definition animated movies online. The website has a large number of cartoon series to watch online, and there is a good chance that you will find your favorite movie to watch online on the internet.

You cannot, however, download videos from the website. Regardless, the site is quite user-friendly. This site is a nice alternative to Kissanime if you’re looking for anime sites like Kissanime. It offers all of the anime masterpieces in a variety of formats.


These are the top free anime streaming websites in 2023 that you can use to view anime programs and series. Also, if you use a website that isn’t listed above for streaming anime series, please let us know about it in the comments section below.


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