Top 25 kdrama Websites to Watch Korean Dramas 2022

kdrama websites Due to the series’ increasing popularity, viewers outside of Korea no longer have access to the conventional means of watching popular Korean dramas, variety shows, or movies on Television. However, the original Korean series could be difficult to understand without subtitles.

Thanks to the expansion of online streaming services, viewers from all over the globe, not just those in Korea, may now watch series and movies anytime they want.

The process of choosing a respectable platform with a range of material that is essential for foreign viewers has therefore become a game of betting on streaming services that provide curated collections of shows and programmes that you wish to watch.

Two of the most popular subscription services are Netflix and Viki. Those who are interested in testing out free sites in order to save money and get access to a plethora of content, but who are unwilling to spend a lot of money on a broad range of premium websites.

To make your search simpler, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 websites where you can watch Korean dramas online, each with an own set of advantages. The free websites are mentioned first, followed by the premium websites.

I also provide a pro tip for utilising the article’s suggested free websites on a desktop or other device without interruptions from adverts and page redirects at the article’s conclusion.

Top 25 kdrama Websites to Watch Korean Dramas

List Kdrama Sites To Watch Korean Dramas For Free 

  • Viki
  • Kocowa
  • ViewAsian
  • Netflix
  • AsianCrush
  • WeTV
  • Viu
  • Hulu
  • Fix Drama
  • AnimeTV
  • KShow123
  • Dramago
  • KissAsian
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Dramacool
  • New Asian TV
  • Dramanice
  • FastDrama

Problems accessing a K-drama website: what to do?

Due to legal difficulties, several kdrama websites are unavailable in some regions. A Virtual Private Network (VPN), a proxy server, or a mirror site may be used to access these sites.

Is There a Secret to Their Success?

  • South Korean serials are known as Korean dramas. They’re no different from any other TV programme out there.
  • Their popularity may be attributed to powerful and moving narratives that keep readers interested.
  • During the early 1990s, South Korean pop culture spread over the world, and with it, Korean drama.
  • As you can see, there are several factors that contribute to Korean dramas’ immense popularity.

Many people watch Korean dramas only to gawk at the attractive actors that star in them. The bulk of the viewers are teenagers and young adults. They get a kick out of seeing hot gentlemen and stunning women on TV.
Creative writing in Korea gives authors a lot of leeway to experiment with story structure. There is no need to wait for approval from the industry’s creators or major players before branching out into new niches. Because of this, Korean dramas are becoming more popular in other parts of the world.

The second possible cause is a cultural difference. There’s a lot of fascinating cultural exposition in Korean dramas. It is possible to get a deep understanding of a foreign culture just by viewing films made in that country. Many like them for the same reason, namely, to learn about other cultures.
Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the material of Korean dramas is incredibly clean and safe for the viewers.

Whence comes the demise of so many Korean drama web portals?

With the meteoric ascent of Korean dramas comes an increase in the number of pirated content websites.

Downloading, streaming, or otherwise disseminating anything that is protected by intellectual property rights is against the law.

In recent years, several directors and producers have taken strong stances against online platforms that engage in the aforementioned practises.

I Need To Find A Place Where I Can Get Free English Subtitles For Korean Dramas.

Kissasian, Quick kdrama, MyAsainTV, and DramaCool are some of the greatest places to get free English subtitles for Korean dramas.


What you just read is correct. Several Korean dramas are now readily available on YouTube. Many different channels on YouTube now provide full episodes of Korean dramas.

K-DRAMA is among the most subscribed to channels on YouTube that uploads full episodes of Korean dramas for free, and the shows are neatly categorised in playlists.

Also, Kdrama subtitling in English, Turkish, and Arabic is considerably more accessible on YouTube. With YouTube, you can even save your favourite K-dramas to watch later.


Finally, Myasiantv rounds up the top five finest kdrama. A wide variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai films and television programmes may be found alongside popular Korean series.

The layout of the website is streamlined and user-friendly. In addition, there is a logical structure to the plays, films, and series.

Myasiantv, like Reddit, allows users to browse material by Top this week, Top this month, and Top this year.

Fix Drama

Fix Drama, formerly known as the Viewasian mirror, is the best website for viewing Korean dramas.

New Korean dramas and movies are available to watch, along with entertainment from China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Subtitles in English are automatically included in every episode and cannot be disabled. The stream player allows users to download Korean dramas directly.

All or almost all of the series and films are available in high definition or above. The player’s quality settings are accessible through its settings cog.


The user interface of FastDrama, often known as Fdrama, is simple.

The website’s minimal design makes it simple to watch Korean dramas on any device.

Once you choose a programme to view, it may send you to a different website to watch the stream on certain occasions. Here, clicking the caption button does the job.

To get subtitles, utilise the CC button, just as on YouTube.

Furthermore, the service provides the option to download subtitles for Korean television shows without leaving the streaming website. Select the episode you want to download, and then hit the button.


If you’re looking for a secure platform to watch Korean dramas online, go no further than Viu. There’s no need to sign up for an account to watch anything on VIU, and you may watch whatever you want whenever you want.

They provide their services in 16 different nations, mostly in the East Asian and Middle Eastern regions. Viu has tens of thousands of episodes, including fan favourites like True Beauty and The Lady of Dignity.

Most of VIU’s material may be seen in crisp 1080p HD. VIU’s collection of material is always growing and evolving thanks to these frequent updates.


Kocowa is the best website in the Americas for North and South Americans to watch Korean dramas.

Use your registered account info to sign in, or use one of the social login options (Facebook or Google) to get started quickly.

More than 17,000 hours of Korean dramas and variety programmes, both new and old, are available for your viewing pleasure.

All of the programmes include subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. There may be more shows available if there is enough demand.

Within six hours after their broadcast, all Korean episodes are uploaded straight to the site.

Following that, we’ll look at, a website that features a number of Korean dramas. It’s a fantastic website that introduces the greatest of the best Korean dramas.

The layout of the website is vintage in design. In addition, it receives a large number of monthly visitors.

Also, it’s considered a reliable source for Korean dramas in various regions. While watching the programme online, you have the option of choosing between many different video quality settings.

In addition, they provide their own software that monitors serial number changes and notifies the user.


There is no need to introduce the following website. More than a hundred Korean television shows and films are available on Netflix.

Millions of people use it as their go-to source for watching movies online. All of Us Are Dead and Memories of the Alhambra are two of Netflix’s most well-liked original series.

Please note that this message does not come without cost. There is a recurring monthly charge. In certain emerging areas, you may try it out for free.

Netflix is a great place to look for the few top-tier Korean series that include English subtitles.


If you’re still with me, I’ll leave you with a bonus link to a Korean drama website. Hulu is Walt Disney Company’s (DIS) second U.S.-based subscription VOD service.

Hulu not only offers the latest K-dramas and movies, but also a library of vintage comedies and other shows.

Hulu, in contrast to Kocowa, is accessible in most countries and has dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Hulu provides superb streaming speed and high-quality content.

Hulu is a premium service, however it is often included in bundles with other services. Currently, the service is live in the United States and Japan.


Another great resource for obtaining Korean dramas at no cost is Asian Crush. They provide an extensive library of free television series and movies.

After that, your next best option is to sign up for a membership and have access to the whole K-variety collection. Get the second season of Youth with You and more Chinese dramas like The Heirs and Descendants of the Sun.

Choosing a TV programme might be difficult at times. We have the answer with the AsianCupid’s random button. If you click on it, a random episode of a K-Drama will begin playing.

In certain parts of the world, you won’t be able to access the free streaming TV episodes website. AsianCrush is as beloved by its users as Netflix and Hulu are by theirs.


WeTV is an up-and-coming KDrama platform with a rapidly expanding collection. You may watch not only Korean dramas but also other Asian dramas and movies on this site.

Tencent, the company behind the hit mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is the owner and operator of WeTV.

Moreover, the portal also provides its own original Korean drama series under the name WeTV.

Downloadable WeTV apps are available for both Android and iOS.


Another highly regarded and recommended resource for free access to Korean dramas is Dramacool.

This website offers HD (High Definition) quality episodes of popular serials. Both their player and their servers are reminiscent to those seen on Dramago.

The design makes it simple to find the shows you want to watch. Furthermore, with the press of a button, we can easily download Korean television series.

Subtitles in English are often incorporated and cannot be turned off in most Korean media.

The greatest thing is that unlike most other sites, this one does not charge for access to a large library of Korean dramas.


The first internet destination for viewing Kdrama programmes is Rakuten’s

It’s a popular platform for watching K Dramas online and is accessible from just about everywhere in the world. Films such as Train to Busan and I Live Alone are available for your viewing pleasure.

It’s possible that you and your closest friend and family members may not reside in the same region. Don’t let anything stop you from watching your favourite K Drama with friends and family with the Watch Party function!

The greatest aspect is that viewers may watch Korean dramas in a variety of languages thanks to the translations provided by the website’s volunteer community.

You may use the official applications for your phone or smart TV to stream your favourite Korean dramas.

Ads on Viki might be distracting and even annoying if there are too many of them.


The second is “Animetv,” a Korean anime fan’s dream.

Millions of people from all over the globe frequent our site to watch free Kdramas. The domain name for AnimeTV has been changed, and the site itself is no longer hosted elsewhere.

The ability to watch Korean anime episodes despite a sluggish internet connection is a very useful feature of our website. The episodes and seasons of Korean dramas available on Animetv are well-organized.

You can also find more Anime, like Naruto: Shippuden, to watch for free on this site.

Thanks to the site, viewers don’t even have to create an account to watch dramas online.


Dramago is another well-liked destination for downloading Korean dramas legally and for free.

As a result of technical difficulties, has been replaced by

The ability to quickly and easily find the most popular drama serials available is a huge time saver for viewers.

In addition, there is a download option right there on the stream player itself, making it easy to save your favourite Kdrama episodes for later viewing. Further, between 5 and 7 servers are available for streaming Korean dramas.

Finally, the site includes a massive amount of listed serials and prominently features new Drama releases on its homepage.


In addition to providing a wide variety of Korean drama series organised by genre, KissAsian is another well-known and enduring online destination for fans of the genre.

We are referring to the areas of study that deal with the dynamics of doing, feeling, and loving. The likes of Kingdom, Love Alarm, and Running Alone are among the many programmes you may access on this site.

One of the finest features of this site offering free Asian dramas online is how straightforward and easy it is to navigate. It’s also well laid up, with just a few strategically placed ad blocks.

From the Dramas page, the user may easily watch or download any of the available Dramas. You have to sign up and sign in before you can download the video.

Since KissAsian compiles data from unrelated third parties, it is perfectly legal to utilise and hosts anything from music to movies.

Videos Available on Amazon Prime

For free, members of the popular multimedia streaming service Amazon Prime Video may download and watch Korean dramas dubbed in English.

Amazon Prime Video has a somewhat limited selection of Korean movies and TV shows compared to some of the other sites on our list. But not only can you watch Korean dramas, you can also watch Korean movies on Prime Video.

Amazon has started the watch party since the outbreak began. Using this function, you and a friend who subscribes to Amazon Prime may simultaneously enjoy your favourite OTT shows and movies.

Thankfully, the site does not have any intrusive adverts. There’s also a Prime Video app for mobile devices.

Save shows to view later without using mobile data.

Updated Asian television

New Asian TV follows, offering premium HD quality KShows.

New Asian TV is the go-to channel for Asian dramas of all kinds, including those from Korea, Japan, and other countries. This site has a large selection of popular Korean dramas that you may download.

We feel that New Asian TV should be included among the finest free kdrama websites. With its user-friendly layout, searching and scrolling are simplified for maximum convenience.

Use the room’s lights-out function to keep the focus on your streaming device. This is useful if you want to see the material in a window rather than a full screen.

One and only drawback we saw was that access to the site was restricted to certain nations.


As an alternative to DramaFever, which has just had a redesign that has nothing to do with content, we recommend the newly launched Dramanice, which has a wide variety of Korean drama series.

KShow123 is one of the greatest Kdrama sites since it constantly updates its database with new episodes and films.

Watch episodes of your favourite Korean dramas online, such as Love in the Moonlight, The World of the Married, and Sky Castle.

The advertising block that appears at the top of the screen when streaming may be closed if you so want. Subtitles in English are affixed to the video permanently.

It has a caption button, but it doesn’t appear to accomplish anything. If you don’t want to go full screen, you may still enjoy the shows by switching to Theatre Mode.

The download link seems broken since it takes you to a different website.


Once upon a time, Dramanice was the KDrama download site with the most aesthetically pleasing design. Having switched from to as the domain name.

Other than Korean drama, the site also features dramas from China and Japan.

The website features both classic and contemporary Kdramas, with some videos including English subtitles.

In the drop-down menu labelled “Categories,” there is absolutely nothing. You may go about the site by using the search function or the menus organised alphabetically.


Now you know where to get some of the best Korean dramas online for free viewing and download. If you have any suggestions or find this article helpful, please share them with us in the comments area.

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