Top 25 kdrama Websites to Watch Korean Dramas 2024

Kdrama Websites With Kdrama websites’ growing popularity among viewers outside Korea, people can no longer rely on traditional means for watching Korean dramas, variety shows or movies on television alone. Unfortunately, some original Korean series may require subtitles for better understanding.

Online streaming services have grown rapidly over time, giving fans worldwide access to movies and TV shows whenever they desire.

Finding content suitable for foreign viewers has become more of a daunting challenge as streaming services provide carefully chosen selections of shows and programs you enjoy watching.

Netflix and Viki are two of the most sought-after subscription services currently available, providing consumers with affordable ways to gain access to a vast assortment of content without breaking their budgets. People searching for affordable ways to gain access may find these websites attractive.

We have put together a list of the top 10 websites offering Korean drama streaming online, each providing unique advantages that may make your search simpler. Free sites come first followed by premium options.

At the conclusion of this article, I offer an assistive tip for using free websites described here on desktop or other devices without being interrupted by ads and page redirects.

Top 25 kdrama Websites to Watch Korean Dramas

List Kdrama Sites To Watch Korean Dramas For Free 

  • Viki
  • Kocowa
  • ViewAsian
  • Netflix
  • AsianCrush
  • WeTV
  • Viu
  • Hulu
  • Fix Drama
  • AnimeTV
  • KShow123
  • Dramago
  • KissAsian
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Dramacool
  • New Asian TV
  • Dramanice
  • FastDrama

Problems accessing a K-drama website: what to do?

Due to legal obstacles, some kdrama websites are unavailable in certain regions. To access them, you may need a Virtual Private Network (VPN), proxy server or mirror site.

Is There a Secret to Their Success?

  • South Korean serials, also called Korean dramas, are not unlike any other show on the market.
  • Their success can be attributable to the powerful, engaging stories that keep readers interested.
  • In the early 1990s South Korean pop culture gained global acclaim, and along with it, Korean drama.
  • You can observe, a variety of factors are responsible for Korean dramas’ huge popularity.

Many viewers of Korean dramas watch them simply to admire the gorgeous actors featured. Most viewers tend to be teenagers or young adults who find the excitement of seeing hot men and stunning women on screen thrilling.
Creative writing in Korea allows authors the freedom to experiment with story structures without seeking approval from industry creators or key figures in their industry, leading them to produce increasingly popular dramas across the world. Korean dramas continue to gain in popularity.

Cultural Difference is also one of the potential explanations. Korean dramas provide fascinating cultural exposition, making them great resources to gain an insight into another culture’s lifestyles and lifestyle choices. Many enjoy them for this very reason!

Korean dramas offer viewers an outstandingly safe viewing experience.

Why have so many Korean drama websites disappeared?

Korean dramas’ meteoric rise has coincided with an increase in pirated content websites.

Downloading, streaming or otherwise disseminating anything protected by intellectual property rights is strictly forbidden and punishable under law.

Recent action from directors and producers against online platforms that engage in these practices have taken form.

I Need a Source Where I Can Download Free English Subtitles for Korean Dramas.

Kissasian, Quick Kdrama, MyAsainTV and DramaCool are some of the top platforms offering free English subtitling of Korean dramas.


As stated above, Korean dramas can now be found online through YouTube channels that provide full episodes.

K-DRAMA is one of the most sought-after channels on YouTube offering full episodes of Korean dramas for free download, organized into playlists for easy browsing.

YouTube makes Kdrama subtitling in English, Turkish and Arabic much more easily accessible and allows you to save your favourite K-dramas for later watching!


Myasiantv presents its selection of five outstanding Korean drama movies. Here you’ll find films and television programs from China, Japan and Thailand alongside popular Korean series.

Our website design is user-friendly and intuitive, providing an organized structure for plays, films and series.

Myasiantv offers users similar functionality as Reddit by providing users with content organized into lists for this week, month and year.

Fix Drama

Fix Drama (formerly known as Viewasian mirror) is the premier website for watching Korean dramas online.

Watch new Korean dramas and movies as well as entertainment from China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Subtitles in English are embedded by default in every episode and cannot be disabled. Additionally, the stream player allows users to download Korean dramas directly.

All or nearly all series and films are available in high definition or higher. Players’ quality settings can be adjusted through their settings cog.


FastDrama (often abbreviated to Fdrama) features an easy-to-use user interface.

The website’s minimalistic design makes it easy to watch Korean dramas on any device.

Once you select a program to watch, it may direct you to another website for streaming on certain occasions. Clicking the caption button will do the trick here.

Subtitles can be added using the CC button, just as with YouTube.

Furthermore, the service provides users with the option to download subtitles for Korean television shows without leaving the streaming website. Simply select the episode you’d like to download, hit a button, and voila! Your download is ready!


Viu is your go-to platform for watching Korean dramas online. There’s no need to create an account; simply watch whatever you want whenever you want on VIU!

Viu offers their services in 16 nations, mostly around East Asia and the Middle East. With tens of thousands of episodes available on Viu, including fan favourites like True Beauty and The Lady of Dignity, Viu is sure to please any taste.

VIU’s material is presented in vibrant 1080p HD quality. Their collection continues to expand and develop thanks to frequent updates.


Kocowa is the go-to website in North and South America for those interested in watching Korean dramas.

Sign in using your existing account information or use one of the social login options (Facebook or Google) for a faster experience.

Enjoy more than 17,000 hours of Korean dramas and variety shows, both new and old.

All programs include subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. If there is sufficient demand, additional shows may be added.

Within six hours of their broadcast, all Korean episodes are uploaded directly onto the site.

Next, let’s check out, a website that showcases several Korean dramas. This is an incredible platform that presents some of the greatest Korean dramas available today.

This website boasts a classic aesthetic and attracts an impressive number of monthly visitors.

Korean dramas have long been a reliable source for viewers across various regions. When watching the program online, viewers have the choice between various video quality settings to suit their viewing preference.

Furthermore, they provide their own software which tracks serial number changes and alerts the user.


Need we introduce this website? With over one hundred Korean television shows and films available on Netflix, there’s no need to introduce it.

Millions of people rely on Netflix as their go-to source for watching movies online. Popular original series such as All of Us Are Dead and Memories of the Alhambra have gained immense popularity on Netflix.

Please be aware that this message comes at a cost, with an ongoing monthly charge. In certain emerging areas, however, you may have the opportunity to try it out at no cost.

Netflix is an ideal source for discovering top-tier Korean series with English subtitles.


Finally, here’s a bonus link to Hulu – Walt Disney Company’s second U.S.-based subscription VOD service.

Hulu not only offers the newest K-dramas and movies, but also an extensive library of classic comedies and other shows.

Hulu stands in contrast to Kocowa as it is available in most countries with dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Not only does Hulu offer superior streaming speed, but its content quality is also far superior – both are listed below!

Hulu is a premium service, but often included with other subscriptions. Currently, the service is available only in certain regions such as the United States and Japan.


Asian Crush is an excellent option for free Korean dramas. They offer a vast library of free television series and movies.

Once you’ve exhausted those options, your best bet is to sign up for a membership and gain access to the entire K-variety collection. Catch up on Youth with You’s second season as well as other Chinese dramas like The Heirs and Descendants of the Sun.

Finding the perfect TV programme can be a challenge at times. AsianCupid has the solution with their random button; click it and a random episode of a K-Drama will begin playing.

In certain parts of the world, you won’t have access to streaming TV episodes websites like AsianCrush. But its users love it just as much as Netflix and Hulu do, making this free streaming website just as beloved to them as they are to its rivals.


WeTV is an emerging KDrama platform with an ever-expanding library. Here, you can watch not only Korean dramas but also other Asian dramas and movies in one convenient place!

Tencent, the company behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, owns and operates WeTV.

Furthermore, WeTV offers its own original Korean drama series.

Downloadable WeTV apps are available for both Android and iOS.


Dramacool is a highly recommended resource for free access to Korean dramas.

This website offers HD (High Definition) quality episodes of popular serials. Both their player and servers look similar to those seen on Dramago.

The design makes it effortless to locate your shows of choice. Plus, with just a click, we can quickly download Korean television series.

Subtitles in English are frequently included and cannot be turned off in most Korean media.

The most remarkable aspect of this site is that, unlike most others, it doesn’t charge users to access its extensive library of Korean dramas.


Rakuten’s is the premiere internet destination to watch Kdrama programs online.

Watch K Dramas online with ease from anywhere with this popular platform, accessible worldwide. Popular titles such as Train to Busan and I Live Alone can be streamed for your viewing pleasure on this popular platform.

It’s possible that you and your closest friends and family members don’t live in the same area, but don’t let that stop you from watching K Drama with them using our Watch Party feature!

The greatest advantage is that viewers can watch Korean dramas in a variety of languages thanks to translations provided by the website’s volunteer community.

You can use the official applications for your phone or smart TV to stream your favorite Korean dramas.

Viki ads can be distracting and even irritating if there are too many of them.


A Korean anime fan’s dream come true is “Animetv.”

Millions of visitors from around the world visit our site to watch free Kdramas. Unfortunately, the domain name for AnimeTV has changed and now resides elsewhere.

Our website’s capacity to stream Korean anime episodes even with slow internet is an invaluable benefit. All the episodes and seasons of popular Korean dramas available on Animetv are organized perfectly for easy navigation.

On this site, you can watch free Anime such as Naruto: Shippuden.

Thanks to the site, viewers don’t even need to create an account in order to watch dramas online.


Dramago is a well-known destination for downloading Korean dramas legally and for free.

Due to technical difficulties, has been replaced by

Finding the most popular drama serials quickly and conveniently is a huge timesaver for viewers.

Additionally, the stream player itself features a download option so it’s simple to save your favourite Kdrama episodes for later viewing. Furthermore, between 5 and 7 servers are available for streaming Korean dramas.

Finally, the site boasts an impressive selection of serials and prominently displays new Drama releases on its homepage.


KissAsian offers a comprehensive selection of Korean drama series organized by genre, making it a go-to online destination for fans of the genre.

Here, we focus on the areas of study that explore human action, emotion and love. Popular programs like Kingdom, Love Alarm and Running Alone can be found online for your enjoyment.

One of the standout features of this site offering free Asian dramas online is how user friendly and straightforward it is to navigate. Plus, there are only a few strategically placed ad blocks which makes navigating easier than ever before.

From the Dramas page, users can conveniently watch or download any available Drama. However, in order to do so, you must first sign up and log in.

KissAsian can legally compile data from unaffiliated third parties and host anything from music to movies.

Videos Available with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can take advantage of a special offer: they can download and watch Korean dramas dubbed in English at no cost.

The Amazon Prime Video may not have as extensive a selection of Korean movies and TV shows as some of its rivals, but you can still watch Korean dramas and films on Prime Video.

Amazon has since the outbreak initiated a Watch Party feature. Through this service, you and a friend who subscribes to Amazon Prime can simultaneously watch your favourite OTT shows and movies together.

Thankfully, the site doesn’t feature any intrusive ads. Plus, there’s a Prime Video app for mobile devices as well.

Save shows to watch later without using mobile data.

Updated Asian Television

New Asian television introduces HD quality shows.

New Asian TV is your go-to channel for Asian dramas of all genres, from Korea and beyond. Here you’ll find an extensive library of popular Korean dramas that you can download.

We believe New Asian TV should be included among the premier free kdrama websites. With its user-friendly design, searching and scrolling are made a breeze for maximum convenience.

Use the lights-out function of your room’s lights to focus on your streaming device. This is beneficial if you prefer viewing material through a window rather than full screen.

One and only drawback we encountered was that access to the site was only available in certain countries.


To avoid DramaFever’s recent redesign that lacks content, we suggest checking out Dramanice instead. They offer an extensive selection of Korean drama series.

KShow123 is one of the premier Kdrama sites, regularly updating its database with new episodes and films.

Watch episodes of your favourite Korean dramas online, such as Love in the Moonlight, The World of the Married and Sky Castle.

If desired, the advertising block that appears at the top of your screen when streaming can be closed. Subtitles in English are permanently embedded into the video for added enjoyment and comprehension.

Though there is a caption button, it does not seem to do anything useful. If you prefer not to go full screen, you can still enjoy the shows by switching to Theatre Mode.

Unfortunately, the download link appears to be broken as it takes you away from one website to another.


Once upon a time, Dramanice had the best KDrama download site with an eye-catching design. Switching from to as its domain name, Dramanice gained fame for its aesthetic aesthetics.

In addition to Korean drama, the site also showcases works from China and Japan.

This website showcases both classic and contemporary Kdramas, with some videos featuring English subtitles.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be found in the “Categories” drop-down menu. To navigate around the website more efficiently, use either the search function or alphabetized menus for organization.


Now you know where to watch and download the top Korean dramas online free.

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