Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List (March 2023): Top Characters


Nikke goddess of victory tier list: In Goddess of Victory Nikke, players take on the role of a sniper in a dystopian future. The planet Earth is under assault from the alien Raptures. The game gives you a tough task, as your leader has been severely wounded and you must now defend everyone. You can get an advantage in battle by using the Gaccha System to unlock more Nikke and use their unique skills. Is there a reliable way to find out which Nikkei are worth unlocking? Even if you have to rely on a random system to bring a Nikke aboard, you should still be able to tell if you’ve rolled well. If you need a ranking of the characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke, we’ve got you covered with a tier list.

Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List (March 2023)

A tier list is a way to rank items, characters, or other entities based on their power, skills, and overall usefulness. In the case of the Nikke goddess of victory, the tier list would show how different cultures and religions interpret and show the goddess.


The most popular and well-known forms of Nikke, like Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, would probably be at the top of the list. There may also be other meanings of Nikke, like the Roman goddess Victoria or the Hindu goddess Durga.

The ranking would be based on things like popularity, cultural importance, and historical impact. It could also take into account the unique qualities and skills of each version of the goddess, such as how she is linked to certain sports or battles.

Overall, a Nikke goddess of victory tier list would be a subjective ranking that changes depending on personal opinions and cultural perspectives.

Nikke goddess of victory tier list

S tier (the highest):

  • Nike (Greek): The original and most influential goddess of victory in Western mythology, Nike was often portrayed as a winged figure holding a wreath or palm branch. She was a constant companion of Zeus and the personification of success in battle, athletics, and other human endeavors.
  • Victoria (Roman): The Roman counterpart of Nike, Victoria was also depicted as a winged goddess with similar attributes and associations. She was often invoked by Roman generals and emperors to symbolize their military triumphs and imperial power.

A tier (very strong):

  • Athena Nike (Greek): A special form of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, who was worshipped as the protector of the Athenian Acropolis and the patroness of victorious soldiers and athletes.
  • Kratos (Greek): The personification of strength and power, Kratos was often depicted as a companion or servant of Nike or Athena. He represented the brute force and determination needed to achieve victory, especially in physical combat or labor.

B tier (solid):

  • Bellona (Roman): The Roman goddess of war and conquest, Bellona was sometimes associated with Nike or Victoria as a symbol of military prowess and aggression.
  • Eris (Greek): The goddess of strife and discord, Eris was sometimes depicted as a rival or enemy of Nike or Athena, representing the chaotic and unpredictable nature of competition and conflict.

C tier (average):

  • Nikephoros (Byzantine): A title given to various emperors and generals of the Byzantine Empire, meaning “bearer of victory”. While not a deity per se, the concept of victory was deeply ingrained in Byzantine culture and politics, and the title reflected the importance of military success and divine favor.

D tier (weak):

  • Nike Air (modern): A brand of athletic shoes and apparel created by the American company Nike Inc., named after the Greek goddess of victory. While popular and iconic in the world of sports and fashion, Nike Air has little to do with the original mythological concept of victory or divine intervention.

Note: Culture, personal views, and preferences may affect this list.

About: Nikke goddess of victory

Nike was the Greek goddess of victory and often depicted with wings holding a laurel wreath – symbolizing victory in ancient Greece. Nikke was born to Pallas and Styx as their daughter, making her one of the most powerful deities. Nike oversaw athletic events, military campaigns, and battles around ancient Greece; her presence also served to bring luck and success to those who called upon her for guidance and protection.

Ancient Greece revered and worshiped Nike as a god, often shown in art and writing. Her name has since been used to refer to the popular athletic brand Nike which was inspired by her reputation for victory and success. Even today, Nike continues to symbolize victory and personal achievement through sports, business, and other achievements.


FAQ About Nikke goddess of victory tier list

What is the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Tier List?

The Goddess of Victory: NIKKE’s Tier list is a method for ranking characters in the game based on their strength and skillsets.

Who created the Tier List?

The Tier list is composed by players who have invested a great deal of time into playing the game and considered both its advantages and drawbacks.

What factors are taken into account when creating the tier list?

When ranking characters for battle tier lists, factors like damage output, survivability, versatility and overall effectiveness in battle are taken into consideration.

How often is the Tier list updated?

The tier list is regularly revised as new characters join the game and as power balances between existing characters shift.

Can I use the tier list to decide which characters I should use in the game?

Yes, you can use the tier list to decide which characters to use in the game. However, remember that it isn’t definitive and you should always rely on your own judgment when selecting your team members.

Does following the tier list guarantee success in the game?

No, you don’t need to use the tier list in order to succeed in the game. While it can be helpful, there are other factors that influence your success such as strategy, team composition and individual skill level.

Is the tier list objective or subjective?

The tier list is subjective because it is based on the opinions of players who have played the game. However, most people in the community agree with it.

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