Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location Map: Find and Use

Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location Map: “Goddess of Victory: Nikke” features a predominantly linear map, as well as various collectibles scattered throughout gameplay that play a pivotal role in expanding and improving Outposts as well as resource gathering efficiency. As such, I will now guide you to find where Hospital Blueprint can be found within “Goddess of Victory: Nikke.”

What is Nikke Goddess of Victory?

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a third-person shooter mobile game developed by Level Infinite using Unity Engine and featuring character artwork by Kim Hyung Seop (known for their work with Destiny Child).

In this game, Nikke serve as humanity’s last line of defense during an alien invasion that forces its population underground. You will lead these Nikke, which autonomously engage enemies by simply touching your fingertip while taking cover when under fire.

Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location Map

Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location Map

The Hospital Blueprint can be found in Nikke’s campaign in chapter 5, specifically Wonderland map. While searching for Lost Relics may prove challenging here, we are here to help you along the way!

As depicted by this screenshot our squad can be seen standing near the location of Hospital Blueprint.

Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location Map

Locate it by going to the left post of the gate just below EX stage, activating its switch, then walking over to this spot and clicking on its orange prompt – and voila, all set!

How Can I Use Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location Map?

Once you possess the Blueprint, return to your Outpost and construct the Hospital in one of your vacant building slots. This action will enable you to make further progress in the Tactics Academy lessons, resulting in increased acquisition of Credits and Battle Data.

It is crucial to diligently follow the Tactics Academy lessons to maximize your resource gains. This will facilitate your advancement in the campaign.

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