GTA 6 map leak reveals huge size compared to GTA V

GTA 6 map leak: Given Grand Theft Auto’s popularity, Rockstar Games’ upcoming game faces a lot of hype. After GTA V became the most successful entertainment product ever, GTA 6 is likely to be one of the largest games ever.

Of course, the game’s sequel is predicted to be a market-dominating smash and larger than GTA in practically every regard. Fortunately, leaks are proving it.

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GTA 6 map leak: Huge GTA 6 Map

GTA 6 map leak
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GTA 6 map leak: The GTA6 leak’s GTA VI locations matched GTA V’s. With a much-anticipated return to Vice City, coordinates for major sites on the GTA 6 map are circulating. One Reddit user compared these locations to GTA V’s Los Santos map to show how big GTA 6 will be.
U/ChurchofGTA in the GTA 6 subreddit posted a map with the leak locations and Los Santos in its centre. Some coordinates are outside the Los Santos map’s visible region.
This suggests that GTA 6’s map will be substantially larger than prior games’. With almost 10 years since GTA V and Rockstar aiming to outdo itself, we knew Rockstar would aim high.

“Innovative Milestone” GTA 6 will be

GTA 6 map leak: The GTA 6 map’s size is excellent news, but it doesn’t seem to be empty. Take-Two Interactive believes it will advance interactive media.

In an earnings call, Take-Two stated Rockstar is “committed to establish new standards for the franchise, industry and entertainment” when work begins. Rockstar can achieve it, even if it’s ambitious. Team, demonstrate.

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