How to customize armor in Minecraft 1.20 snapshot

Customize Armor in Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot: Minecraft’s next major update brings the game to its highest point of customization, and your armor stands to gain the most from this. With 1.20, you can customize your armor using colors, designs and patterns (or trims) – but only with the proper approach and tools. So let’s get started on customizing your Minecraft armor today! Here’s how:

Customize armor in Minecraft 1.20 snapshot

Customize Armor in Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot

Minecraft allows armor to be customized by “enchanting,” which requires creating an enchanting table out of four obsidian blocks and one book. After it’s placed, players can use it to enchant their armor with various effects like increased protection or durability. You may further customize your armor using anvils for combination enchantments or grindstones for removal enchantments. Lastly, dyeing armor with cauldron dyes is possible too!

Duplicating Trims

It is well known that templates for armor’s decorative elements can be hard to come by. Thankfully, this task can be repeated as many times as desired by a gamer; however, it comes at the cost of seven diamonds for each trim.

Players will require diamonds, a block of the material used to craft the template, and finally, the actual template itself. You can duplicate this exact design by arranging all materials exactly as shown in the image.

What is an armor trim, and where can I find one?

Armor Trims, a new Smithing template introduced with Update 1.20, allow you to decorate your armor with various designs. Currently, Minecraft offers 11 unique Armor Trims which can be combined in different color combinations across headpiece, chest plate, legs and boots. Plus there are five distinct types of armor available in the game – giving almost 400,000 possible combinations!

However, let’s not rush into anything yet. A necessary first step in the quest for armor trim smithing templates is searching and collecting them from chests of various Minecraft buildings. Overworld tends to hold the majority of these constructions, but both Nether and End also contain plenty of them. Check out our comprehensive guide on Minecraft Armor Trim locations to get you started on your quest!

How to Utilize Templates for Armor Trim Smithing

Things You Need to Alter Armor

In Minecraft 1.20, you’ll need the following items to trim and customize your armor:

  • Smithing Table
  • 4 Armor Trims (1 for each piece of armor).
  • Pieces of Armor (Helmet, leggings, chest plate and boots).
  • Color Materials

Iron, copper, gold, lapis lazuli, emeralds, diamonds, Netherite Redstone amethyst and quartz can all be used to craft different trim colors on armor. Just remember that the material of your armor may differ from that of its trim!

Minecraft armor can be tailored with the use of trims

  • Armed with Armor Trim Smithing Templates, you can easily alter your armor’s look by:Place a Smithing Table on the ground first. To use it, right-click or press the secondary action key.
  • Next, insert an Armor Trim Smithing Template into the leftmost cell of the table’s user interface (UI).
  • Place some armor into the middle slot to right of template (middle slot).
  • Finally, place the color material in the rightmost cell of the Smithing Table UI. Be sure it’s different than your armor!

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