Last Epoch Tier List (February 2024): Best Characters List

Last Epoch Tier List: Are you new to the popular action role playing game Last Epoch and uncertain of which skills and abilities are the most effective? A tier list can be an invaluable resource in determining which builds are currently considered the strongest. In this article we will give an overview of each tier game breakdown as well as tips for building strong character.

Overview of Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an online multiplayer game developed by Eleventh Hour Games that takes place in a world on the verge of destruction where players must battle powerful enemies to save the realm. Character classes have unique skills and powers. Furthermore Last Epoch boasts an intricate skill system that lets users customize their characters in various ways.

Last Epoch Tier List

Understanding the Last Epoch Tier List

A Tier list is ranking of skills & abilities based on their effectiveness in game play. Skills are divided into tiers with S tier being the highest and D tier being the lowest; generally speaking S tier abilities tend to have stronger performance while D tier ones typically offer weaker performances.

Here is a breakdown of the tiers:

S Tier: The most powerful skills in the game. These abilities have the potential to be game changers and essential for high level play.
A Tier: Very strong abilities which can be highly effective with proper application.
B Tier: Acceptable choices suitable for most players.
C Tier: Accurate skills which may be helpful in certain circumstances but are not essential.
D Tier: The weakest skills available in the game – these should be avoided if at all possible.

Last Epoch Tier List

S Tier List

The above table shows the S Tier List, which includes the characters Lich, Druid, Paladin, and Sorcerer. These characters are considered to be the most powerful and better than all other characters.

A Tier List

In this case, A tier characters are very powerful and can outperform all other characters except S tier characters.

B Tier List
Void Knight

The B tier includes characters that are considered to be average or above average in terms of their abilities or effectiveness. The specific characters listed in this tier are Void Knight, Spellblade, and Beastmaster.

C Tier List
Forge Guard

In this table, there is only one character listed in the C tier which is Forge Guard. The C tier is described as below average in power and skills.

D Tier List

Tips for Crafting Powerful Characters

While the tier list can help build powerful characters you must also consider your playstyle and tastes. Here are some strategies for crafting effective characters in Last Epoch:

  • Experiment with different skills and builds to find what works best for you.
  • Focus on creating a strong synergy between your chosen skills and passives.
  • Don’t neglect defensive abilities – survival is just as important as damage output!
  • Pay close attention to the gear you use as it can have a major impact on your character effectiveness.
  • Always stay on the lookout for new gear and skill upgrades so that you can continuously enhance your character.

FAQ About Last Epoch Tier List

Are S-tier skills the only ones worth using in Last Epoch?

No while S tier skills tend to be the most powerful, there are other builds and skills which may work just as well depending on your playstyle and preferences.

Can a D tier skill be effective in Last Epoch?

While D tier skills tend to be the weakest, they can still prove useful in certain circumstances.

Does the Tier List Get Updated Regularly?

Yes, our tier list is updated regularly in accordance with changes in game play and community feedback.

Can I create my own Tier List for Last Epoch?

Absolutely, many players create custom tier lists based on their experiences and preferences.

Are There Any Skills or Builds That Are Completely Pointless in Last Epoch?

While some skills and builds may be less efficient than others none are entirely useless. It is important to try to find what works for you.


In conclusion the Last Epoch tier list can be an invaluable resource for players building powerful characters. While not exhaustive, it provides a useful starting point when determining which skills and builds are currently deemed most effective. By experimenting with different builds and playstyles, as well as paying attention to gear and upgrades, players can create characters capable of taking on even the toughest challenges in Last Epoch.

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