Windows 11 S Mode: Shall You Use It and What Is It?

Windows 11 S Mode offers you with a more secure operating system; but, consider whether or not it is worthwhile for your specific case. S Mode locks down Windows. Once engaged, S Mode offers Microsoft’s greatest security. Limitations exist.

If you’re not a power user or want your youngster to use technology properly, these constraints won’t annoy you. Businesspeople that handle confidential papers would prefer S mode.If you’re a power user or an adult who appreciates flexibility, don’t buy a PC in Windows 11 S mode. Let’s see whether it’s right for you.

What Exactly Is Windows 11 S Mode?

Microsoft built S Mode for a safe, smooth Windows experience. This mode gives your machine minimal resources and drivers. S mode pauses RAM-hogging programmes and CPU-intensive operations. Chromebooks utilise Windows S mode.

Windows 11

Should You Use Windows 11 S Mode on Your PC?

Possibly, Four reasons to use Windows S Mode:

1. You want to ensure the safety of your child

S mode only runs Microsoft Store apps. Your youngster can’t download third-party applications. Also, kids can only access the web using Microsoft Edge, which has added online security. It doesn’t ban all sites, however. So, consider PC parental controls.
If you don’t want to purchase a Chromebook for your kid, you may put a regular PC in S mode. As tech demands rise, remove the computer from S mode. Deactivating S mode is trivial, so your school-aged youngster may evade parental restrictions.

2. You Work with Private Documents

Window S restricts third-party app installation. This restricts malware installation on your machine. If you often handle firm secrets, utilise S mode on your computer.
S-mode doesn’t allow proprietary or in-house software. S mode prevents you from utilising your company’s app. S mode is only useful until you buy a work laptop with Windows Pro or Enterprise.

3. You’re considering a digital detox

If you need to escape digital noise, a PC in S mode may assist. Microsoft Store games are dull. Many third-party applications are missing. You’ll solely use productivity-related applications.
S mode is one-way. S mode is irreversible. You must exit S mode to install a non-Microsoft Store app for work. If accessible, use a PC or web-based app.

4. Your PC Boots Quicker

Booting a Windows machine becomes longer when more programmes are installed. Some autorun programmes start operating when you switch on your computer, causing latency. Malware and third-party applications cause delays. S mode lets you run Windows programmes and decreases malware dangers.

What Are the Disadvantages of Windows 11 S Mode?

Your computer runs securely and efficiently, as Microsoft intended. The downsides are:

1. Only the Microsoft Store Can Be Used to Download Apps

Microsoft Dev Blog says Windows S can only run UWP store applications. These are Microsoft-made or-verified applications. In S mode, third-party Microsoft Store applications won’t work.

2. Command Line and Code Editors Aren’t Accessible

S mode isn’t for developers, hackers, admins, or IT professionals handling business machines. S mode blocks Windows Terminal and PowerShell. Linux is out. These programmes operate outside the OS’s malware-protected environment. No VS Code, code editors, or development tools.

3. No Access To The Windows Registry

In S mode, the Windows registry is likewise off-limits. The registry is a rich collection of configuration settings that helps power users tailor Windows. Tinkering with the Windows registry may damage your PC; S mode prevents this.

In Windows 11, how to Enable S Mode

S mode is pre-installed with the OS. You may set up a new laptop in S mode. Some computers, like the Surface, launch with S mode exclusively; you can’t test it first.

In Windows 11, how to Exit S Mode

S mode is one-way. No returning.

First, make sure your PC is in S mode. Windows > Settings > System > About. If you’re using Windows 11 Home in S mode, check your specs.

You can exit whether your computer is actually running Windows 11 Home in S mode by going to:

  • Windows > Settings > System > Activation
  • Upgrade your Windows edition by clicking
  • follow the directions shown on-screen

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