Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date: An Mobile game

Uncharted Waters Origin will launch later this spring as an exciting mobile game from Line Games Corporation, giving players control of 16th century pirates engaged in exciting battles and trading routes.

Uncharted Waters: Origin is now available to play on mobile devices in English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional). Plus you can take part in crossplay between PC and Steam Card variants!

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date: In 2022, Uncharted Waters: Origin won four Korea Game Awards (Music, Story and Grand Prize). First released for sale by Line Games in Korea where it quickly garnered popular support among gamers there.

Koei Tecmo Games and Line Games collaborated on Motif to give Uncharted Waters 30 years of modernization with Origin. Based on two iconic Uncharted Waters titles: New Horizons and Gaiden, Origin features 4K visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 along with 104 tracks of authentic orchestral music for an engaging experience.

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date

Uncharted Waters Origin will be released on April 7, 2024 and can be played via Google Play, the App Store or Steam. For further details visit Unknown Seas’ official website or YouTube feed for further assistance.

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date: At launch, pre-registered users receive game gifts such as armour, building supplies and shipbuilding speedups. To commemorate Uncharted Waters Origin’s debut, there is a request event from June 7-30 where you can complete trade, battle and journey requests for prizes. A world launch presence event gives Ducat and ship parts/supplies for signing in before June 31.

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